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‘Yours Sincerely’

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15 July, 2017
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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**Because of limited seats, please rsvp via [email protected] in advance.
Speakers: Kurt Chan, Luke Ching, Lau Chi Chung, Tang Siu Wa
Moderator: Nixon
Letter writing is an ancient way of communication. Human beings write with affection, their past amidst the macrohistory and mails to somebody they trust. Is the desire to communicate met with set backs or not? There is something of each individual and the receiver in letter writing. The exhibition ‘Composing Stories With Fragments Of Time’ uses a letter written by an emigrant as a start. This talk engages both artists and writers by sharing stories on letter writing and art creation.
About the Moderator
Nixon is a young Hong Kong art critic. Writer of novel, prose and poem and believer in the power of words. His interviews have appeared in newspapers, magazines, radio and online media including Apple Daily, Ming Pao, MetroPop and Metro Broadcast. His goal is to extend the reach to audience in art.
About the Speakers
Kurt Chan received his Bachelor of Arts from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his Master of Fine Arts from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA. He has participated in over 100 exhibitions, including the 2nd Asia Pacific Triennial in 1996-97 and 51st Venice Biennale in 2005. His works are in the collections of Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
Luke Ching graduated in 1998 from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Fine Arts. His works have been exhibited in Art Basel Hong Kong, Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Germany, and are in collection of M+ Museum in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Blackburn Museum in UK. He is winner of 2016 HK Arts Development Award for Visual Arts.
Lau Chi Chung graduated in 1999 from The Surrey Institute of Art and Design in UK, with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design. His works have been exhibited in the Liverpool International Photography Festival, Argentina International Photography Festival and Singapore International Photography Festival. His photography series “Landscaped Artifacts” has won him the “New Photography Artist of the Year” at Lianzhou Foto Festival in China in 2013. ‬His works are in the collection of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
Tang Siu Wa is a poet, writer and cultural critic. Winner of numerous literature prizes, One of the founders of Fleur Des Lettres Magazine. Among her publications are a collection of prose in ‘Meanwhile’ and poems in ‘Bottle Unmoved’. Column writer of many major newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Participated in the International Writing Program of the University of Iowa, USA in 2014 and a poetry translation residency at the Vermont Studio Center in 2015. Currently chief curator of The House of Hong Kong Literature, board member of the Renaissance Foundation and host of a literature program in Radio Television Hong Kong channel 31.
This talk is jointly organised with The House of Hong Kong Literature.


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