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Yuán Róng

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Opening / Event Date:
29 June, 2017
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Closing / End Date:
9 September, 2017
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Darius MA (b.1960) graduated at the Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design in 1979. With his passion in art, he pursues his career as a graphic designer, and has always got involved and collaborates in painting/creating with Hong Kong and China artists, such as Fish King(魚王) and Yu Kewei(余克危) ever since his graduation.


In his newest series, Wu Wei 無為 , the artist combines the use of Chinese ink and acrylic on rice paper. Through his use of wild brushstrokes, the artist explores the interaction between the two medium – ink and acrylic and their effect on rice paper; the blended and unblended synthesis of ink and acrylic creates exaggerated and indefinite shapes. The artist emphasizes on the notion of time and space, resulting in strong visual tension in the compositions of the paintings.


Wu Wei無為stemmed from Lao Zi’s concept of無為而無不為 – Let it be, yet everything is accomplished. The artist’s concept for the series focuses on effortlessness. The materials engage and interact with each other without any sort of control or force through fluid and gestural brushstrokes.

SIN Yuen (b.1967) is a Hong Kong artist.  SIN was graduated at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in 1990, and Master of Art in Fine Art (CUHK) in 2012.


SIN’s recent works are all about the diversity of line expressions. She adopts the traditional Chinese line-drawing skill, to embrace the simplest thing we always come across in our everyday life—water & plant;  where the trace of water dripping and the silhouette of plants on silk shares the traces of our everyday live… with the longitude and latitude figures capturing the existence of a specific plant… or is it a record of the moments of memories?! which leads us to a total distinctive tranquility of thoughts and feelings.


SIN has participated in numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong and China. Her works were collected by private collectors, corporations and museums: Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the Shan Dong Museum.

TO Jiwye (b.1956 ) graduated from the Grantham College of education in Hong Kong in 1979 and received his BA from the Hong Kong Buddhist College. TO continued his  studies in art and philosophy at the Buddhist College from 1986 to 1989. The ideas of Zen, Phenomenology and Taoism has since influenced his life philosophy and become important elements of his art.

Emptiness is the concept of  TO’s art.  The paintings of TO show a huge hazy of emptiness. That is an active space for spectator to experience unlimited emptiness. The paintings demonstrate a remote deserted without human being, but misty clouds flow among the hills and waterfalls. The perspective points to deep far off, a silence atmosphere. Such provide a time to hatch up artistic conception and openness, to let go ourselves. Far away from the human world and fly into an unlimited cosmos. The thinking like birds in the sky. Transcends from simplicity to a state of being void , aesthetic feeling and harmonious experience.

TO has participated in numerous local and overseas exhibition in museum, gallery and art fairs. His works are being collected by private collectors, corporations, and museums: Shanghai Art Museum, Hong Kong Alliance of Franciase, Macau Urban Council Gallery, The University of Sydney, The University of British Columbia, Canada, The Chinese Cultural Center of Vancouver.




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