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de Sarthe Gallery was founded in 1977 in Paris, later establishing galleries in America and most recently in Hong Kong and Beijing.

de Sarthe Gallery represents and exhibits a diverse spectrum of international artists, with a focus on presenting the highest quality contemporary art and historically significant programming. Since its move to Hong Kong in 2010, the gallery has continued to host groundbreaking shows for artists like Auguste Rodin, Hans Hartung, Chu Teh-Chun, Zao Wou-Ki, Robert Rauschenberg, Chen Zhen and Bernar Venet. The gallery has also exhibited pioneering group shows such as gutai and the Pioneers of Chinese Modern Paintings in Paris. In 2017 the gallery opened a 10,000 square foot space in Hong Kong’s art district, Wong Chuk Hang, to properly honor masterpiece art works and expand its program of international contemporary artists. de Sarthe Artist Residency (deSAR) was inaugurated in 2017 and hosts an artist in the gallery’s Hong Kong space for 2 months every summer, with the goal of challenging standard modes of art production and exposing audiences to a side of creation seldom seen firsthand.

In 2014, de Sarthe extended its influence by settling in Caochangdi, a renowned art district in Beijing. With an 8,000 square foot space, the gallery has taken an important role exhibiting a wide range of artists that lead the emerging art scene.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
    Tue-Sat: 11am-7pm

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de Sarthe Gallery
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de Sarthe Gallery

de Sarthe Artist Residency X Wing Po So

Artist(s): Wing Po So

Opening / Event Date: 17 Jul, 2019

Closing / End Date: 7 Sep, 2019

Lov-Lov Shop

Opening / Event Date: 25 May, 2019

Closing / End Date: 6 Jul, 2019

Ma Sibo Solo Exhibition


Artist(s): Ma Sibo

Opening / Event Date: 24 Nov, 2018

Closing / End Date: 19 Jan, 2019

Manolo Millares – Antoni Tàpies: An Informel Step

Manolo Millares, "Cuadro 64 (3)," 1959. Mixed media on burlap, 131 x 162.6 cm.

Artist(s): Manolo Millares, Antoni Tàpies

Opening / Event Date: 29 Mar, 2018

Closing / End Date: 12 May, 2018

Diary of a Pioneer

Liang Ban, "Neon Wilderness: Nazca Lines" (Detail), 2018. Paint, fluorescent powder, dimensions variable.

Artist(s): Liang Ban

Opening / Event Date: 27 Jan, 2018

Closing / End Date: 17 Mar, 2018

Hans Hartung (1904-1989) Abstraction: A Human Language

Hans Hartung, "T1962_L48," 1962. Vinylique on canvas, 100 x 162 cm.

Artist(s): Hans Hartung

Opening / Event Date: 25 Nov, 2017

Closing / End Date: 20 Jan, 2018

The Must-See Art Show Where You Can Find 10,000 Artists

Functional Coupons

Artist(s): Wang Xin

Opening / Event Date: 21 Oct, 2017

Closing / End Date: 18 Nov, 2017

Take Off

Lin Jingjing, This is the Beginning of My Desperation No. 1-12, 2017. Acrylic, 80 x 60 x 20 cm.

Artist(s): Lin Jingjing

Opening / Event Date: 16 Sep, 2017

Closing / End Date: 14 Oct, 2017


Andrew Climbing

Artist(s): Andrew Luk

Opening / Event Date: 2 Sep, 2017

Closing / End Date: 9 Sep, 2017

Artist Talk: deSAR x Andrew Luk

Andrew working in the gallery 2

Artist(s): Andrew Luk

Opening / Event Date: 5 Aug, 2017

Closing / End Date: 5 Aug, 2017

de Sarthe Artist Residency x Andrew Luk

Poster H1 NOTEXT

Artist(s): Andrew Luk

Opening / Event Date: 12 Jul, 2017

Closing / End Date: 9 Sep, 2017

Brunch Talk – The Vietnamese Art Market Today

Talk Poster H3

Artist(s): R. Streitmatter-Tran

Opening / Event Date: 8 Jul, 2017

Closing / End Date: 8 Jul, 2017

Round Table Talk – New Directions: from “Departures” to contemporary Vietnamese art

Installation view

Artist(s): Richard Streitmatter-Tran

Opening / Event Date: 23 Jun, 2017

Closing / End Date: 23 Jun, 2017

DEPARTURES: Intersecting Modern Vietnamese Art with R. Streitmatter-Tran

Installation view

Artist(s): Richard Streitmatter-Tran

Opening / Event Date: 26 May, 2017

Closing / End Date: 8 Jul, 2017

Reversal Ritual

hk gallery

Artist(s): Liang Ban, Mak Ying Tung, Tong Kunniao, Wang Xin, Xin Yunpeng

Opening / Event Date: 23 Mar, 2017

Closing / End Date: 13 May, 2017

Wang Rongzhi – My Own Recipe


Artist(s): Wang Rongzhi

Opening / Event Date: 21 Jul, 2016

Closing / End Date: 10 Sep, 2016

Probe II: Wang Guofeng’s Solo Show in Hong Kong


Artist(s): Wang Guofeng

Opening / Event Date: 27 Nov, 2015

Closing / End Date: 6 Feb, 2016

Stay Tuned


Artist(s): Lin Jingjing, Zhou Wendou

Opening / Event Date: 3 Nov, 2015

Closing / End Date: 20 Nov, 2015



Artist(s): Tsuyoshi Maekawa, Sadamasa Montonaga, Shozo Shimamoto, Kazuo Shiraga, Atsuko Tanaka, Chiyu Uemae, Jiro Yoshihara

Opening / Event Date: 2 Oct, 2015

Closing / End Date: 31 Oct, 2015



Artist(s): HSIAO CHIN

Opening / Event Date: 29 May, 2015

Closing / End Date: 27 Jun, 2015

Zao Wou-Ki: Ink and Watercolor


Artist(s): Zao Wou-Ki

Opening / Event Date: 12 Mar, 2015

Closing / End Date: 18 Apr, 2015

Gallery Selection


Artist(s): James Lee Byars, Jenny Holzer, Yayoi Kusama, Mariko Mori, Thomas Shannon, Bernar Venet, Wang Guofeng, Zhou Wendou

Opening / Event Date: 20 Jan, 2015

Closing / End Date: 28 Feb, 2015

Bernar Venet Exhibition


Artist(s): Bernar Venet

Opening / Event Date: 10 Dec, 2014

Closing / End Date: 17 Jan, 2015

Current Reality, Hidden Barriers

Current Reality, Hidden Barriers

Artist(s): Lin Jingjing, Wang Guofeng, Zhao Jinhe, Zhou Wendou

Opening / Event Date: 23 Oct, 2014

Closing / End Date: 6 Dec, 2014

T’ang Haywen- The Colours of Ink


Artist(s): T'ang Haywen

Opening / Event Date: 18 Sep, 2014

Closing / End Date: 18 Oct, 2014

Summer Group Selection


Artist(s): Group Show

Opening / Event Date: 3 Jul, 2014

Closing / End Date: 13 Sep, 2014

Pioneers of Modern Chinese Painting in Paris


Artist(s): Various Artists

Opening / Event Date: 13 May, 2014

Closing / End Date: 21 Jun, 2014

Promise Again For the First Time


Artist(s): Lin Jingjing

Opening / Event Date: 4 Apr, 2014

Closing / End Date: 3 May, 2014

Group Show / Jan-Feb 2014

Group Show / Jan-Feb 2014

Artist(s): Zao Wou-Ki, Chu Teh Chun, Bernard Venet, Thomas Shannon, Hans Hartung, Lin Jingjing, T'ang Haywen, Jack Tworkov

Opening / Event Date: 10 Jan, 2014

Closing / End Date: 31 Mar, 2014



Artist(s): Robert Indiana

Opening / Event Date: 17 Sep, 2013

Closing / End Date: 26 Oct, 2013

Summer Group Show


Artist(s): Chu Teh Chun, Hans Hartung, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Jim Dine, Bernar Venet, Zhan Wang and Lin Jingjing

Opening / Event Date: 27 Jun, 2013

Closing / End Date: 30 Sep, 2013