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Established in 2000, Sundaram Tagore Gallery is devoted to examining the exchange of ideas between Western and non-Western cultures. We focus on developing exhibitions and hosting not-for-profit events that encourage spiritual, social and aesthetic dialogues. In a world where communication is instant and cultures are colliding and melding as never before, our goal is to provide venues for art that transcend boundaries of all sorts. With alliances across the globe, our interest in cross-cultural exchange extends beyond the visual arts into many other disciplines, including poetry, literature, performance art, film and music.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
    Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm; Sat, Sun & Hols: By Appointment

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Contact Details


Sundaram Tagore Gallery
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Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Edward Burtynsky: Essential Elements

Artist(s): Edward Burtynsky

Opening / Event Date: 2 Nov, 2016

Closing / End Date: 2 Nov, 2016

Steve McCurry: The Iconic Photographs


Artist(s): Steve McCurry

Opening / Event Date: 11 May, 2016

Closing / End Date: 10 Jun, 2016

Every Breaking Wave


Artist(s): Golnaz Fathi

Opening / Event Date: 4 Nov, 2015

Closing / End Date: 6 Dec, 2015

Sora/Ku (Sky/Emptiness)


Artist(s): Miya Ando

Opening / Event Date: 23 Sep, 2015

Closing / End Date: 30 Oct, 2015

Kim Joon


Artist(s): Kim Joon

Opening / Event Date: 14 May, 2015

Closing / End Date: 28 Jun, 2015

Forces of Nature: Annie Leibovitz and Hiroshi Senju


Artist(s): Annie Leibovitz and Hiroshi Senju

Opening / Event Date: 10 Mar, 2015

Closing / End Date: 10 May, 2015

Winter Group Show


Artist(s): Miya Ando, Edward Burtynsky, Kim Joon, Nathan Slate Joseph, Ricardo Mazal, Robert Polidori, Sohan Qadri, Hiroshi Senju, Merrill Wagner, Lee Waisler and Susan Weil

Opening / Event Date: 6 Feb, 2015

Closing / End Date: 28 Feb, 2015

Sebastiao Salgado


Artist(s): Sebastião Salgado

Opening / Event Date: 15 Oct, 2014

Closing / End Date: 31 Jan, 2015

Marked: Contemporary Takes on Mark-Making


Artist(s): Hosook Kang, Hassan Massoudy, Golnaz Fathi

Opening / Event Date: 10 Sep, 2014

Closing / End Date: 11 Oct, 2014

Edward Burtynsky


Artist(s): Edward Burtynsky

Opening / Event Date: 9 May, 2014

Closing / End Date: 21 Jun, 2014

Kailash | Black Mountain


Artist(s): Ricardo Mazal

Opening / Event Date: 27 Mar, 2014

Closing / End Date: 3 May, 2014

Light Metal


Artist(s): Miya Ando

Opening / Event Date: 13 Feb, 2014

Closing / End Date: 22 Mar, 2014

Day Falls/Night Falls


Artist(s): Hiroshi Senju

Opening / Event Date: 16 Apr, 2013

Closing / End Date: 9 Jun, 2013