H Queen’s, a sponsor of the Annual Arts Programme of the Hong Kong Art Gallery, has been dedicated to supporting the local art scene, and offering the public opportunities to engage with creative ideas right in the centre of Hong Kong. H Queen’s, Hong Kong’s first purpose-built art and lifestyle building, is the new home of internationally-renowned art galleries, restaurants and retail brands. The development houses spaces for exhibitions with the interest of promoting the arts as well as expanding the audience for art. Following the presentation of “Time & Scale” in 2016, where 10 Hong Kong artists transformed the hoarding of H Queen’s, the public digital art project “Voyages” in 2017 showcased works from a selection of outstanding multi-media artists represented by some of H Queen’s gallery tenants; as well as the Harbour Art Sculpture Park in 2018, H Queen’s continues to support local art initiatives in providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and inspirations.


Established in 2018, HART is a new arts initiative to explore art and space and artful community catalysts. Through the HART collective of art spaces, we aim to revitalise a culture of creativity with active participation and focus on the process of hands-on making. Over time HART will encompass an experimental and evolving platform of programmes and arts spaces in Hong Kong.


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