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“Panda’s Journey: Traces of Bamboo” Art Exhibition

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
1 November, 2023
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
30 November, 2023

“Panda’s Journey: Traces of Bamboo” Art Exhibition

Prince Panda Explores Hong Kong – The Beginning of a Unique Adventure!

Hong Kong  – Blink Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of its latest exhibition, “Panda’s Journey: Traces of Bamboo” Art Exhibition: Prince Panda Explores Hong Kong, at Harbour North in North Point. This exhibition showcases the mixed media works of artist TK Chan, depicting a captivating story of Prince Panda’s thrilling adventures in Hong Kong. Join us as we enter this enchanting and surprising world of storytelling!

Prince Panda resides in the Chuk Yuen Estate of Wong Tai Sin, enjoying a peaceful and serene life. However, their tranquillity is disrupted by a century-level black rainstorm that suddenly strikes the bamboo garden, destroying their home. To protect his family and the bamboo forest, Prince Panda decides to lead them on an exhilarating adventure!

They journey through the bustling city, exploring famous landmarks and cuisines of Hong Kong, including the beloved egg tarts cherished by the locals. The pandas also embark on a thrilling trip aboard the Star Ferry, composed of vintage double-decker trams, opening up a magnificent tour of Hong Kong! Along the way, they admire the stunning views of Victoria Harbour, ascend to the Peak to overlook the entire cityscape.

In traditional Chinese culture, pandas are seen as symbols of peace and unity. They coexist harmoniously with other animals and humans, embodying gentle and friendly nature. The black and white appearance of pandas symbolises balance, complementarity, and integration. TK Chan artistically portrays the stories of these Prince Pandas through a mix of plastic pigments and ink-style techniques, vividly capturing the furry texture of the pandas.

This exhibition comes at a time when people are eagerly exploring Hong Kong as the pandemic subsides. TK Chan hopes that through the story of Prince Panda, Hong Kong residents will appreciate the beauty of their homeland and express their pursuit of peace and unity. The exhibition also aims to attract visitors to Hong Kong, allowing them to enjoy the unique charm and scenery of the city. The artwork showcases the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature, conveying an important message of environmental conservation.

We cordially invite art enthusiasts and the general public to visit the “Panda’s Journey: Traces of Bamboo” Art Exhibition: Prince Panda Explores Hong Kong, to appreciate TK Chan’s unique artworks and to commend the resilience and multiculturalism of Hong Kong. During the exhibition, a series of activities related to pandas and Hong Kong culture will be held, including the opportunity to exchange for a panda water bottle and an exhibition of works by TK Chan and her students.

Selected exhibited artworks (Image source: Blink Gallery)


“I Love Hong Kong” Prince Egg Tart, 2023, 60 x 60cm, acrylic on canvas


In the painting of the Panda Prince tasting Hong Kong delicacies, the artist blended colors to resemble a Hong Kong where East and West meet. She depicts the panda prince sitting in a bamboo alley in Hong Kong, enjoying an egg tart with great interest. He held the delicious snack tightly in his hands, while the golden dragon bowl shone brightly, adding a touch of luxury to his gourmet feast.


“I Love Hong Kong” Peak Tram 2023,60 x 60cm, mixed media canvas


Taking the mountaintop cable car as the scene, it depicts pairs of pandas admiring the beautiful scenery on the mountain in the cable car. Blooming in front is the bauhinia, the flower that represents Hong Kong, symbolising Hong Kong’s prosperity and free spirit. Behind the panda, the magnificent scenery of high-rise buildings stands, showing the magnificent appearance of Hong Kong as an international city. The colourful sky adds a dreamlike atmosphere to the entire painting, showing the vitality and charm of the new Hong Kong.


“I Love Hong Kong” Star Ferry, 2023, 60 x 60cm, mixed media canvas


“I Love Hong Kong” Star Ferry is based on the theme of Prince Panda and his family travelling in Hong Kong on the Star Ferry. The lifebuoy on the small wheel is made of winter bamboo leaves, while the hull is cleverly made of bamboo leaves, showing a fusion of nature and tradition. The whole painting is full of fun. Through the panda prince leading his family on a tour of Hong Kong, it seems to lead the viewer to experience the wonderful scenery of Hong Kong.



ColorGate PS#: CCE4F3E8F29FC3D1D29FB0B2AFAF9FC3

Hug Hug, 2017, 65 x 65cm, ink on paper

 “Hug” is an early ink painting in which a panda wearing a red bow tie stretches out its hands, inviting visitors to give it a hug. The painting displays intimacy and warm emotion. Artist TK Chan uses ink technology to give animal hair a more vivid expression. The image of the panda is lifelike, exuding an atmosphere of cuteness and harmony, arousing viewers’ resonance for emotional communication and intimacy.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 2.57.08 PM

Panda Celebration, 2023, 69 x 58cm, ink and pastel on paper

 “Panda Celebration” depicts two pandas sitting on the grass, watching a lively celebration together. Gorgeous fireworks bloom in the sky. Artist TK Chan uses water-based pastel techniques to skillfully depict the moment when fireworks explode, showing dazzling colors and flowing light and shadow. Through the perspective of a panda, viewers are brought into the celebration scene and feel the joy and joy. The Panda Celebration symbolizes unity and joy, allowing people to celebrate the beautiful moments in life together.

Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 2.39.16 PM

Yummy, 2023,80 x 80cm, mixed media canvas

The panda prince is enjoying Hong Kong’s specialties, including egg waffles, xiaolongbao, milk tea and Regal ice cream. Artist TK Chan uses black, white and red tones and simple lines to present a rich picture. The contrast of black, white and red creates a strong visual effect, while the use of simple lines gives the work a unique style. Through delicate expressions, the details of the Panda Prince and the food are vivid and rich, allowing viewers to feel the alluring charm of Hong Kong food.


Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 5.01.30 PM

Yummy, 2023,00’43”, single channel video

 This animation extended from “Yummy” features a panda prince travelling through the charming world of Hong Kong as he is guided by Hong Kong cuisine. These animatronics come alive as the adventures of Prince Panda and food take place against the bustling backdrop of Hong Kong, immersing viewers in a lively storyline and stunning visuals. The Harbour North Exhibition provides a complete display of works, allowing you to experience the adventures of the Panda Prince and Hong Kong’s unique and food culture in the animation.