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Yayoi Kusama-Print Works

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14 September, 2017
22 October, 2017
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Whitestone Gallery is delighted to present Yayoi Kusama-Print Works solo exhibition in Hong Kong. More than 30 artworks from the artist’s career will be showcasing at the Hollywood Road gallery space.

Born in 1929 in Matsumoto, Japan. Yayoi Kusama, the post-war avant-grade artist that Japan is proud of beautifully transforms her hallucination into one-of-a-kind art pieces. Ways to overcome her disease since younger age, painting is always her remedy. After learning traditional Japanese art in Kyoto, Kusama moves to the United States in 1957 by herself. The artist creates the most significant works, such as infinity nets, soft sculptures by accumulations, happenings, etc. In the past decades, many critics have described Kusama as a feminism, minimalism, surrealism, Art Brut, pop art and abstract expressionism, however she only thinks herself as an “obsessive artist”.

In 1973, She left the big apple life and moved back to Japan to seek for medical treatment; Kusama isolated herself with the crowd and only focusing on her creation, she went in and out every day between the hospital and her studio just so she can find her own peace to paint. In contrast to Kusama’s illustrious career in New York, in Japan her performance has reported on unfavorably in the press, like she was not highly regarded at all. However, this did not stop her by creating art, she once mentioned that “If it weren’t art, I would have kill myself long ago”.

Kusama keeps developing new medium in her career and believes every day is a discovery of life amidst; in 1979, Kusama was inspired by the Japanese silk screenprint master, Tokuzu Okabe (岡部德三), and started to create a series of print works; furthermore, Kusama cooperated with Kihachi Kimura (木村希 八) and expended her creation to lithograph and etching in 1984. Since then, prints became one of Kusama main medium in her artist life. If Andy Warhol changed the Europeans’ mind by presenting print as his main medium, then Kusama is the person who pushed the thought to another level.

In addition, the exhibition will be showcasing one of the iconic installation from Kusama, the Infinity Mirror Room; a mirror-lined chamber housing a dazzling and seemingly endless LED light display to amidst today’s renewed interest in experiential practices and virtual spaces.

The exhibition will be held from 14th September to 22rd October.


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