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A Slice of Time

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
13 January, 2024
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
17 February, 2024
Event Category:
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Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce ‘A Slice of Time’, Hong Kong artist Carmen Ng’s second solo exhibition with our gallery.

Our sense of time is a subjective experience, entirely shaped by personal perception and the infinite unfolding of events. As many of us have experienced, our personal time was distorted during the Covid pandemic. Studies of this period have shown a clear disconnect between measurable, objective time and internally perceived, subjective time. In this show, Carmen Ng builds on her experience of these challenging years in her explorations of time as part of her every day. Says the artist, “I have broken up daily life into fragments. Some moments have become indefinitely obscured while others are bright but fleeting.”

The exhibition showcases Carmen Ng’s perception of time depicting it as standing still, everlasting, and ephemeral. Morning Path illustrates a quaint road situated near the artist’s residence. Each morning, as Ng sets out from home, she is greeted by a captivating pathway illuminated by the gentle interplay of sunlight and tree shadows. Afternoon Pattern captures her return home, where the sunlight filters through glass adorned with delicate watermarks, creating a mesmerizing display. These evocative scenes serve as symbolic markers, representing the start and conclusion of a day in the artist’s life.

Visitors who experience the exhibition will be moved by this mindful rendition of time, delivered in the soft-spoken manner that so closely reflects Carmen Ng’s own character.

About the Artist:
Carmen Ng (b. 1988, Hong Kong)
obtained her BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University and has won several awards including the 11th Hong Kong Book Prize Award, RTHK and Hong Kong Public Libraries, HK (2018), Distinguished Publishing Awards: Publishing Concept at the 29th HK Print Awards (2017). Her works are in the collections of Hang Seng Bank, P&G in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China and Soho House HK, alongside local and international private collections. Her recent notable exhibitions include ‘Click…Clatter…Clunk…’ at Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2022) and ‘A Collection in Two Acts’ at Rossi & Rossi, HK (2022), as well as ‘Matter,’ curated by William Lim, at Seoul Auction in Hong Kong (2019).


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