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Adia Millett: You Will Be Remembered. (Curated by Jacqueline Francis)

Adia Millett: You Will Be Remembered.

Curated by Jacqueline Francis.
Hong Kong, 9 November – 31 December 2022
Opening Reception: 9 November, 5-7pm (Artist will be present.)

Adia Millett (b. 1975, United States) is acclaimed for her deep exploration of basic configurations, diverse expressive practices, and experimentation with mediums. Trained in the fine arts, art history, and the postmodernist theories of cultural studies, Millett conveys her felt concerns in the discourses of the domestic, the public sphere, gender positions, and spirituality through the interdependent form and content of the abstract compositions of her works.

The paintings presented in “You Will Be Remembered.” project the power of mid-twentieth century jazz recordings (and music inspired by them) into the future. Millett listened to the selected music over days and weeks, and she read the thoughtful writings about them. Subsequently, she created a body of buoyant abstract paintings which fully participate in the encounter between jazz and writing inspired by it. In effect, Millett hosted a listening party across time and space.

Viewers will find many of Millett’s long-favored geometries and signs in her paintings — pyramids, triangles, prisms, arrows, that seem stacked, woven, and otherwise organized in close juxtapositions. Freshly considered symbols: rainbow colored arches-and tactics-one-point perspective — are here as well. What is also evident is her sustained interest, study, and admiration of quiltmaking techniques, stained glass constructions, and thoughtful design patterns.

Listen to the Jazz playlist that inspired “You Will Be Remembered.”


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