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Artspace K – the shop

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30 April, 2023
11:00 am
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Artspace K – the shop

Open on 30 April 2023


自2020 年起,Artspace K一直為推廣當代藝術的平臺,以「生活與藝術」為核心理念,策劃了不同類型的展覽。2023年我們將把藝術推廣平臺伸延到畫廊對面的空間,我們很高興向大家分享 :  Artspace K – the shop將於2023年4月30日正式開店。

Artspace K – the shop推廣銷售的作品來自各地具知名度及新銳藝術家「小而美」的創作,首度參與的藝術家有沈平、符聞一、胡志華、廖少英、李云俠、鄭凱殷、楊玉勤、吳仲宗、許晏豪、何廖綺玲、愛卡、周小某、十三月、章壯瀅及薜惠瑩等藝術家,包含水彩、剪紙、陶瓷器、廣彩、玻璃等媒材作品與畫冊。我們期盼透過這個平臺讓大家更容易親近藝術作品,増加對藝術的喜愛。

Artspace K – the shop期待您們蒞臨!


Since 2020, Artspace K has been a platform promoting contemporary art. Centered on “life and art”, we are dedicated to the presentation of artists and their works through specially curated exhibitions. In 2023, we are expanding our art promotion platform into the space across from our gallery. We are happy to announce the addition of a family member – “Artspace K – the shop” opening on 30 April 2023.

In Artspace K – the shop, visitors will find “small and beautiful” artworks by established and emerging artists. We are delighted to invite the following artists to celebrate our opening :

Shen Ping, Fu Man – Yat, Romy Wu, Liu Siu – Ying, Li Yun – Xia, Meko Cheng, Yeung Yuk – Kan, Wu Chung – Tsung, Hsu Yen – Hao, Ho Liu Yee-ling  Betty, Oychir, Siumou Chow , Moon, Yingying and Hsueh Hui –Yin.

Artworks include watercolor, paper cut, ceramic, guangcai porcelain, glass, and art books etc. Through this new platform, we hope to increase the public’s interest in art becoming part of their lives.


Artspace K – the shop

Venue: Artspace K – the shop, G113, The Repulse Bay Arcade, 109 Repulse Bay Road, Hong Kong

點: 香港淺水灣道109號影灣園商場 G113

Opening Hours : 11am – 6pm , Tues – Sun


Tel 電話: 2898 8118


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