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Boundless Union: Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup

Axel Vervoordt Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present Boundless Union: Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup. The exhibition features large- and small-format photography works from Bae Bien-U’s Sonamu (Pine Trees) series and an installation of Kwon Dae-Sup’s moon jars. Coincidentally, Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup were both born in Korea in the 1950s and have dedicated decades of their careers to subject matters dear to their native country and adopted practices that have grown from intrinsic ideas of nature.

The exhibition is about creating resonance in stillness and motion, balance and counterbalance, and finding an equilibrium between different states of being. As the energy of life is believed to pass through them, pine trees mediate between heaven and earth and are important in many rituals of life and death. This energy of life extends to the moon jar, where a moon jar is a unity of its top and bottom halves, joined carefully at the rims to become one, echoing the shape of a full moon. The exhibition explores virtues of integrity and purity through Bae Bien-U and Kwon Dae-Sup’s introspective approach, dedication to their practice, and balance of their medium. Engulfed by the unbound spirit of photographs of pine trees and the modest simplicity of moon jars, viewers are encouraged to enter a state of contemplative tranquility, one that seeks communion with nature, reaching vast possibilities within the gallery space and beyond.