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Brushes & Lines《筆。墨》Lu Tian Bo 陸天波 | Chris Chan 陳仕暢 | Reynaldo Magat

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
4 November, 2023
3:00 am - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
25 November, 2023
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Galerie Koo is delighted to present a joint exhibition “Brushes & Lines” by Chinese artist Lu Tian Bo, Hong Kong artist Chris Chan and Filipino artist Reynaldo Magat.

Exhibition Period: 4th to 25th November 2023

Opening Reception: 4th November 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 3-6pm
Artist in attendance (Reynaldo Magat)

Calligraphy was the paramount visual art in pre-modern China. Using only brush and ink, Lu Tian Bo developed his techniques over the years. Today, this powerfully graphic art is still celebrated as an outward expression of the artist’s inner psychology. Its rhythm, movement and flow is accessible to anyone who views it, not only to those of us who can read Chinese characters.

Unlimited creativity allows Chris Chan to develop his favourite Yuan Dynasty literati landscapes with this flowing effect of ink lines, using different levels of ink lines and ink rhythms to express the sense of distant mist and undulating hills, enriching the layers of the painting. Since 2018, he has been using the direct flow of ink lines to create his works. In the process of flowing ink, he added the traditional brush technique to orient the flowing ink and form the scene of overlapping mountains. Together with the embellishment of pine trees and the traditional landscape composition, the work brings out the ancient rhythm from a modern approach.

Reynaldo Magat’s technique is very delicate, for him, it is almost impossible to be too emotional, one can only be inspired and everything will fall into place. Every line has a purpose and every omitted space has a role. The lines and spaces will move in harmony and will tell you a story in the end. Much like life, you cannot really judge it by a single event, you need to see the whole picture. Magat chose this technique because he wanted to bring out the subject only through tones, shades and shadows.


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