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Central West Hong Kong | 2021.11.13

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13 November, 2021
2:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Blue Lotus Gallery | Tea Time Tasting – 4-5:30 PM
Contemporary by Angela Li | The Quarantine Era: Jacky Tsai Solo Exhibition Opening- 2-6 PM
Flowers Gallery | Aida Tomescu Closing Reception – 4-6 PM
Karin Weber Gallery | Wish You Well Opening Reception – 3-6 PM
La Galerie Paris 1839 | Artist Guided Tour w/ Giraffe Leung – 3-4 PM
Leo Gallery | Liu Zhengyong – 2-6 PM
Novalis Contemporary Art Design | Guided Tour – 2-7 PM
Over the Influence | Me and You in the Cosmic Stew Closing Reception – 2-6 PM
Rossi & Rossi | Artist Film Screening – 2-6 PM
Soluna Fine Art | Guided Tour – 3-3:30 PM & 5-5:30 PM

On November 13th, galleries in the Central Western district will be presenting a wide variety of openings and events for art lovers to enjoy. For the newest edition of Central West Hong Kong. Participating galleries include: Blue Lotus Gallery, Contemporary by Angela Li, Flowers Gallery, Karin Weber Gallery, La Galerie Paris 1839, Leo Gallery, Novalis Contemporary Art Design, Over the Influence, Rossi & Rossi and Soluna Fine Art.

Join Blue Lotus Gallery for an artisanal tasting of products by small businesses such as fresh bread by local baker Wallace of Cheung Chau Sourdough, home-baked keto cupcakes by Sneha Epstein, paired with wine, coffee and tea by the community. Classic HK music from the 70s and 80s will be playing to complement Greg Girard’s iconic photographs from the same era. 

Contemporary by Angela Li is proud to present The Quarantine Era, solo exhibition of London-based Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. Tsai is renowned for his interplay of Chinese and Western cultures in his works and his artistic practice is a hybrid of principles from both the East and West. In his new body of works, he employs an integrated perspective of mixing of ideologies into responding to the global pandemic.

Flowers Gallery will be hosting a closing reception for Aida Tomescu’s Into a Carpet Made of Water. The works of the Australian-based artist are results of repeated layering, erasure, and modification of the painted surface, where the right of every mark to survive is continually tested. The keynote of this exhibition is established by a group of large paintings completed between 2019 and 2021. Characterised by the use of cadmium red, alizarin crimson, magenta, cobalt violet, and cadmium maroon, they create a wild and often whimsically playful counterpoint to an accompanying new series of becalmed, reflective smaller paintings titled Silverpoint I-IV.

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce Wish You Well, a joint exhibition by Sharon Lee and Wai Kit Lam in collaboration with Linda Norris.

La Galerie is offering a guided tour with Hong Kong artist Giraffe Leung on his solo exhibition which features the latest works of his distinctive painting series Coins – Memories of Hong Kong and a new calligraphy series titled Characters Map of Hong Kong, depicting Hong Kong’s street names in different districts. The tour is followed by a workshop led by the artist to experience great aesthetic pleasure in writing traditional Chinese characters, and learning the creative process of his latest work on view.

Leo Gallery is pleased to present a closing reception for Liu Zhengyong’s Solo, featuring the artist’s latest series in body form and portraiture. Liu Zhengyong’s works mainly involve painting and installation art.  With heavy texture, vivid sense of colour and distorted images, Liu’s works are often based on real characters including celebrities, close friends and his self-portraits. Using body form as a clue, Liu discusses the current and past visages of human nature from the perspective of individuals. Through his works, Liu rethinks and reconstructs the deep logic behind the relationships between the reification of the body and the invisible time.  

Novalis Contemporary Art Design will host a guided tour on Venetian Murano Glass, presenting the boundless potential in the mesmerizing medium that is Murano glass. The exhibition will showcase Murano glass art from renowned and historic glass studios in Murano such as Venini and Studio Berengo, where the centuries-old tradition of Venetian Murano glass craftsmanship is combined with innovative techniques and creative sensibilities through collaboration with notable artists and designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass, and Flo Perkins. Various techniques of Venetian Murano glassmaking can be seen throughout the works in the exhibition, which will be explored during the tour.

Over the Influence is pleased to present exhibition tours at the gallery to coincide with the closing of Me and You in the Cosmic Stew, a solo exhibition with Aaron Johnson in Hong Kong. This new series of paintings vibrate with ethereal figures that dissolve into hazes of disembodied color, juicy luminosity, and radiant blurs. His fluid approach to painting is rooted in the tradition of Color Field painting, working on the floor staining the raw canvas with washes of color, allowing spontaneity and unpredictability to drive the compositions.  

On view at Rossi & Rossi, The Philosophers’ Clothes emerged from the visual experiments by Italian artist Vittoria Chierici as she interpreted the great Renaissance fresco The School of Athens. The artist explored the techniques, materials and genres of paintings as she took liberty in abstracting the historical figures from Ancient Greece. Chierici has always been experimental in her creative approach, and in line with her artistic endeavour the gallery will be screening a short film she produced in 1993. With a light note of humour, One’s Case (1993) recounts a controversial and dramatic event that happened in Bologna, Italy when Chierici was still a young artist. 

Soluna Fine Art is proud to present Storyteller, a dual exhibition by Bing Lee (b. 1948, New York-based Hong Kong-artist) and Kim Ha-Young (b. 1983, London-based South Korean-artist). This is the first exhibition with Soluna Fine Art for both artists. While the artists are primarily known for their distinct, witty, and iconographic visuals related to contemporary culture and social concerns, they come from different cultural and generational backgrounds. Bing Lee, who lived in Hong Kong before moving to New York, relays his personal myths and social concerns through his iconographic visual vocabulary, ‘Pictodiary’, while Kim Ha-Young, a Korean artist who continues to pursue her artistic practice in London, speaks about contemporary culture through multi-layered imageries that are inspired by the concept of augmented reality. The dual exhibition will feature paintings and drawings that facilitate dialogues about the contemporary psyche and will open the floor for the audience to explore multiculturalism and art. 

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About Central West Hong Kong

Central West Hong Kong (CWHK), in collaboration with contemporary art galleries across the Central Western district, is a synergic event that showcases a plethora of local and international artistic talents. CWHK, at the core, is a platform that facilitates the collective flourishing of galleries, institutions, art lovers, artists, and curators; this self-initiative event brings strong long-term momentum to the Hong Kong art scene. Hollywood Road was famous for its vibrant art and culture scene, yet continuous urban development overshadowed this distinctive signature. With a tailored schedule of gallery programs and special events, such as artist talks, performances, and docent tours, audiences can hop from gallery to another, discover and revitalize the diverse contemporary art scene of Hollywood Road towards the Western neighbourhood.

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Central West Hong Kong, [email protected]

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