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Contemporary: Figurative

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
25 May, 2022
11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
22 June, 2022

Contemporary: Figurative


Exhibition: 25 May – 22 June, 2022

Sansiao Gallery HK

1/F, Room 104 – 5 Wilson House, 19 – 27 Wyndham Street, Central


Gallery opens Monday – Friday 11am – 7pm

Guest Curator: Chun Poon

Sansiao Gallery HK is excited to bring together selected works from the gallery collection by prestigious painters – Walasse Ting, Makoto Saito, Wayne Thiebaud, Masaru Shichinohe, and Ken Matsuyama. With an eclectic collection of masterpieces from the East and the West, the exhibition “Contemporary: Figurative” explores the consciousness of expressing oneself and the collective self from post 20th-century up to contemporary in figurative paintings.

The figurative tradition can be observed since the era of Classical Greek sculptures, balancing ideal geometry with reasonable realism. Throughout the centuries, its evolution has steadily broadened its parameters from the early Renaissance, the Baroque, to Impressionism. The term “figurativism” came in the mid-20th century, which is often described as a contrast to the emergence of abstract art. It refers to artworks such as paintings and sculptures that hold references to the real world and particularly to the human figure. Returning to the principles of figurative art with experiences of the men as of primary importance, the contemporaries have their own approaches forming their artistic languages, expressive or even deformative.


Sansiao Gallery HK欣然呈獻展覽 《當代:具象》,展出畫廊所收藏來自多位知名藝術家的精選作品,包括丁雄泉、齋藤誠、Wayne Thiebaud、七戶優、和松山賢的精選作品,從20世紀後到當代的具象繪畫中,探索自我及集體意識的表達。

具像繪畫的傳統可以追溯至古典希臘雕塑時代,當時的作品平衡了理想化的幾何形狀和觀察所得的現實物象。從文藝復興早期到巴洛克及至印象派,具像繪畫的涵義在幾個世紀的沉澱中不斷拓寛。「具象主義」一詞出現在 20 世紀中葉,通常用於對比當時興起的抽象藝術,泛指映射現實環境,特別是人物形象的繪畫和雕塑等藝術作品。是此展覽的現當代藝術家回歸具象形式,透過富表現力的筆觸,又或重塑形態、以獨特的藝術語言凝聚其對人、物、社會的感受。