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Darkness & Light, a solo exhibition by Bogdan Konopka

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Opening / Event Date:
4 February, 2023
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
4 March, 2023
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Darkness & Light, a solo exhibition by Bogdan Konopka

Boogie Woogie Photography & PhotogStory are pleased to present “Darkness & Light,”a solo exhibition by Bogdan Konopka at the Loft in Wong Chuk Hang from 4 February to 4 March 2023.

Bogdan Konopka (1953-2019) is a Polish photographer who began taking photographs in the mid-1970s. Living in Poland for decades, Bogdan captured street scenes in Polish cities such as Wrocław and Kraków. After moving to France in 1989, he photographed shop entrances in Paris and interior spaces in libraries, theatres, and museums when traveling to Pas-de-Calais, Angers, Nice, etc. His artworks were exhibited worldwide, including Centre Pompidou. The images displayed in this exhibition are a private collection from Mme Konopka.

Bogdan was a master of Black-and-white photography and preferred to work primarily on large-format cameras. At first glance, it is easy to be attracted by the bright light source in his images. When the viewers get accustomed to the darkness, they will discover a world of greys and tiny details hidden in the shadow. Most of his images are contact prints, created with the same size negative, and audiences must appreciate them closely to understand the details in the small prints.

Darkness & Light

A solo exhibition by Bogdan Konopka 

Date: 4 February – 4 March 2023

Time: 2-7pm (Wednesday – Saturday)

Address: The Loft, 8/F, E Wah Factory Building,

                                                        56-60 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang.

Darkness & Light——波蘭攝影師Bogdan Konopka個展


攝影畫廊 Boogie Woogie Photography 與香港攝影平台「顯影PhotogStory」在黃竹坑畫廊攜手呈獻波蘭攝影師Bogdan Konopka個展《Darkness and Light》,展期由2023年2月4日至3月4日。

攝影是一門光影的藝術,要懂得捕光,也要識得捉影。對波蘭裔攝影師Bogdan Konopka而言,攝影的魅力反而來自黑暗,他的黑白影像很平靜,充滿神秘感。

1953年,Bogdan Konopka出生於波蘭,1970年代中期開始攝影,1989年移居法國後,作品曾在法國龐比度中心展出。他在2019年離世,這批相片是其遺孀的珍藏。


他的作品大部份是「接觸印相」(Contact Prints),即相紙與相同尺寸的菲林接觸印製而成。他的照片有很強烈的光暗對比,乍看之下很容易被明亮的光源吸引,當你慢慢適應光源後,會慢慢被黑暗中的細節所吸引。黑白之間的灰色,不像黑白那麼純粹或單一,隱藏了許多值得令人慢慢觀察的元素。Bogdan Konopka的作品總是小小的,觀眾不得不近距離欣賞,去體會畫面中那些觸動人心的細節。

Darkness & Light 


時間:下午2時至7時 (星期三至六)

地址:黃竹坑道56-60號怡華工業大廈8樓 The Loft


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