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Doris Chui x Ken Chan x Rico Lau Group Exhibition: Young man rhapsody

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27 January, 2023
25 February, 2023
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SCG is excited to bring three young artists who have just graduated from art instututes to a joint
exhibition. They are Doris Chui and Rico Lau, graduated from the Fine Arts department of the
Chinese University of Hong Kong and Ken Chan, graduated from the Hong Kong Art School.
Young people should never be restricted by social traditions, SCG encourages young talents to freely develop their own paths. Young people should have the nerves to think, act, and try; and the “Young man Rhapsody” presents all these.
Doris Chui graduated from the Fine Arts department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022. Chui received the claborate-style painting and traditional mineral-pigment painting practice at university. Yet Chui’s works are fully influenced by Japanese manga culture. The artist dreamed of working as an assistant of a manga artist when she was in secondary school , she had created comic strips, four-panel comics and animation in her university period. Chui adopts surrealism to express her thoughts and ideas. The medium of her artworks is acrylic and mixed media on canvas, with strong narrative grids. The desire of escaping from the mundane reality becomes her motivation to create her dreamland-like world. Chui applies bold colours with strong contrast to represent her alienation and doubts about reality; while building up herself in solitude.
This series of works mainly tells the story of the artist herself who was trapped in bed for a long time due to the pandemic, scrolling her phone daily to receive different devastating news, facing the world by resignedly laying on the bed till numb. Maybe because of the urge of youth, she still hopes for holding her own destiny in the uncontrolled world. Therefore, using God’s perspective to present her suspect to the world, with inspiration coming from anime/manga, facing the real world with perfect imagination.
Lau Cheng-hei graduated from the arts department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2021. Lau’s main creative medium covers sketching, quick-sketching and painting. His works concerns drawing-lines’ impact on the structure of the appearance of the human-body and the creative process of images. Lau tells the truth to his audience through paintings that are obscure, twisted, coupled with restlessness and disturbance. His current list of creation originates from his observation of the human posture and the transformed reappearance of the postures.
On one hand, he can empathize with his intuitive physiology and empathy. On the other hand, in
cities, particularly in those which have congested spaces like Hong Kong, the human posture
experiences a taste of embarrassment. To many artists, under this time and age, it has special
meanings in pointing out these conditions of living.
Ken Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Art School in 2022. His works’ main message, through his paintings, expresses and responds to history, world disasters, social phenomenon, living conditions and personal experiences. His works reflects Chan’s subconscious awareness and reality at the same time. He describes his works as “feeling real and abstract; disturbed and confused.” The artist himself has always been attracted by broken, damaged, withered and old subjects, the unique broken/incomplete beauty reflects a kind of emotional fragility, and records the traces of existence. They are emotional, they are deeply moving, and they have become the nutrition of Chan’s creative progress. In this series of works, there are recurring elements like red lines, traffic cones and other characters with symbolic meanings of warning and blocking. Intriguingly, they slowly become fragile and old as time goes by. The marks of damage allow them to sort of blend with their surroundings, yet their colour still stands out. Ken finds the contradiction fascinating, it tells a lot and gives the artist inspiration to create a series of ambiguous and suspenseful works.


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