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“First Smash 3” – Hong Kong New Generation Arts Force Group Exhibition by Eight Hong Kong Artists

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
9 July, 2016
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
20 August, 2016
Event Category:

Exhibition Duration: 9 July 2016 – 20 August 2016
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday I 11am – 6pm
Opening Reception: 9 July 2016 I 3 – 6pm (*Artists present)
Venue: Art Experience Gallery

“First Smash 3” – Hong Kong New Generation Arts Force

Group Exhibition by Eight Hong Kong Artists

Art Experience Foundation proudly presents the “First Smash 3” Art Exhibition, co-curated by Art Experience Gallery, featuring artworks by eight Hong Kong based young artists in this summer. Throughout the works shown in “First Smash 3”, each artist speaks a strong and unique dialogue of their cultures and identities, embracing the passion for life and creation, integrating them into their very own visual languages. It is their very first experience for these young artists to collaborate with a commercial gallery in Hong Kong, various media including painting, installation, printmaking, screen printing and sound installation will be presented in this show.

Art Experience Foundation serves as a platform for potential artists to exhibit their work and open doors for young artists to develop an art career. We invite you to join us in this special event to witness our local artists blossom their inspirations and talents in our upcoming July exhibition. Each participate artist will exhibit one / one set of artwork at the exhibition.

Eight participating artists: Hye Kyoung Kwon (painting), Au Yeung Chun (installation), Wong Mei Yin (painting), Mok Ting Yan (installation), Chung Man Yung (screen printing / Chinese calligraphy), Leung Wan In (installation), Lee Siu Hin (sound installation), Pang Chek Ying (printmaking).

Hye Kyoung Kwon
(b. 1984, Ulsan, South Korea) graduated from Saar College of Fine Arts, Germany in 2015. Hye Kyoung lived and studied aboard in Germany for eight years, and is currently participating an artist-in residence program in South Korea.

As a painter herself, the artist paints objects of contemporary cityscapes in life size, allowing subjects from our everyday city scenery reappear on large canvas. “Large canvases give a spatial presence to the subject and bring charisma of the original objects at present.” says Hye Kyoung. Her many travel experiences in different foreign countries in the past, and a long time living in Germany has greatly influenced on her perception of the world, which she has built a sense of loneliness and desolation inside. These sensations allow the artist to pay attention to many hidden details and unattended objects in our surrounded living environment, while Hye Kyoung chooses to respond to these objects through her painting.

Throughout her works, industrial objects appear as her main motif in her paintings, such as containers, street signs, and construction sites, which recognized as common images in many developed countries. Such objects painted in life size speaks across space and cultures, the appearance of her works challenge the essence of painting as an art form, and come into existence as a sculpture work.

Au Yeung Chun (b. 1991, Hong Kong) graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015.

Chun’s work speaks genuinely of his feelings towards the place where he was born and raised, a very personal expression which may also reflects on the perception of the significant changes in society after 1997 among his generation. His exhibit work entitled “Let Me Sleep” shows a collage of his childhood memories with rather emotional and dramatic manner. Six sets of yellow brass mold primary and permanent teeth are secured by metal tools sitting on old pillows, withdraws his blurred memory of Hong Kong’s handover to China at the age of six, and recalls the terrible pain he experienced when losing his primary teeth. A personal experience of teeth replacement symbolizes a permanent change of a city. The two occasions that seemed unassociated with each other, however, resulting in something both momentous and heavy for Chun.

His work not only speaks for young people from his generation, but also many generations before he was born. It is a strong voice of a young man searching for his own identity in a society where everything seems to be so different from what he could remembered, and expressing his desire for hope and future.

Wong Mei Yin (b.1992, Hong Kong) graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015.

Mei Yin’s exhibit and latest paintings entitled “Peter Wants to be a Tree” is a development from her graduation work “Mary”, it is not a portrait of any particular person, but a collective qualities of people she observed in everyday life. Both are virtual characters she created in her art, yet the artist believes that Peter and Mary do exist in different ways in our reality. Mei Yin’s inspiration comes from observation on people around her, and sharing their stories in her paintings. The imagery of tree and plant in her works symbolize an eternal form of life, illustrating relationship between human and life.

Although Mei Yin chooses painting as her media, her work comes into sight as a presence of installation. The physical presentation of her work contains a series of paintings and objects, as well as the existence of exhibit environment. She creates a peaceful and poetic atmosphere in a space, stimulating the sensation of audience, where the artist invites audience to be part of her set-up.

Mok Ting Yan (b. 1992, Hong Kong) graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (B.A. in Fine Arts) in 2015.

Ting Yan’s exhibit installation work entitled “People will say I am a monster with what I have done” shows a gum chewing video and a set of mixed media objects placed in a refrigerator. Inspired by a Japanese novel “GOTH” written by Otsuichi, a story about two high school students who share a fascination with murder, the artist reconstructs the narrative into a rather harrowing and yet very delicate scenery comes into first sight. Through the act of gum chewing by the artist, Ting Yan used chewed gum as a special processed media to create mold finger pieces which almost look like specimen on display.

A collection of mold fingers and various objects related to hands are carefully displayed with a gesture of documentation, stimulating a strong visual of their relations, and challenge the audience to observe these substances in a different perspective. The presentation of Ting Yan’s work creates a strong visual sensation, integrating research, documentation, imagination and reconstruction into her very own visual language. The rather bizarre subject matter however reveals a different aspect of aesthetic.

Chung Man Yung (b. 1992, Hong Kong) graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015.

Man Yung’s exhibit works illustrate quotes from two individual authority figures in Hong Kong, making an ironic expression and a sharp statement of her helplessness towards the silliness of politicians in Hong Kong. The artist starts to practice Chinese calligraphy at a young age, it is refreshing to see how she applies traditional Chinese calligraphy, seal stamp print and printmaking as a prime media in contemporary works.

Having carved the quotes into two separate stones with her own hands, Man Yung enlarged the stamp prints into a much larger size and reprinted the imagery on Chinese rice paper, and with her written calligraphy translates the meaning of the ancient seal characters. The seemingly two simple quotes were once spreading intensely by the media in society and made a foolish impact on those authority figures. Man Yung documents history in a humorous and elegant manner, without having to add her own criticism to the content. The humor in her works is stimulating, her presentation and delicate thought laughed at the absurdity of the situations in an intelligent tone.

Leung Wan In (b. 1988, Hong Kong) graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University (Master of Visual Arts – Experience Design) in 2015.

Wan In’s installation work entitled “Xpect the unXpected” brings pure pleasure and sensation experience for audience. The mysterious appearance greets the audience with curiosity and excitement at first sight. Using unexpectedly ordinary materials including sponge, transparent straw, water and a variable number of fish tanks, Wan In constructs an interactive playground, and invites audience to actually enter her work. The simple concept involves creative use of ordinary materials that seemingly unassociated with each other, exploring new possibilities of combining different materials in installation art.

The artist intends to create an illusion in front of the audience, without assuring what to expect, the engaging moment appears when people have physical contact with the work, and the astonishing encounter experience becomes the essence of her installation. The staging of Wan In’s work is sensual and passionate.

Lee Siu Hin (b. 1990) graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015.

Siu Hin chooses sound and music as his artistic identity, an abstract and invisible medium that he believes is so dominant among other art forms. By installing six self-modified CD players and various speakers at different locations in a room, the artist intends to “paint” his sound in the atmosphere.

It is refreshing both to be able to hear and visual sound through the artist’s thoughtful installation, where the physical presence of sound provides audience a new perception and stimulates their senses. The interplay between the artist’s composed music and space constructs a sonic landscape that explores the possibilities of sound. The exhibit work consists of six tracks of music playing repeatedly on the CD players operate in rather random chances, composing a sensation of sound to audience.

Pang Chek Ying (b. 1991) graduated from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015.

Chek Ying’s collagraph printmaking series documents her six months art student exchange experience in the UK. Her collage works made of cardboard, string, fabric and sand paper, imitating the rich texture of tree bark she observed in a foreign country, nature has given her an awakening call to rethink her identity and where she comes from. The artist experiments a range of materials on her collagraph print works, reconstructing pieces of imagery to make new grain of bark. Tree as a mother nature symbolizes the endless cycle of life, indicating living and dying at the same time, but so closely resemble the rapid changes in our living world.

The artist expresses rich emotions for her far away home in her poetic works, leaving marks resembles tree bark, to capture and freeze her memories.


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