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Forever Young: Eddie Kang Solo Exhibition

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23 September, 2017
25 November, 2017
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Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to announce the opening on September 23, 2017 of Forever Young: Solo Exhibition of Eddie Kang. The artist will be present.

The exhibition named after the sunny title is the first one-person exhibition of the South Korean multi-media talent in Hong Kong centered around the recurring theme in Kang’s oeuvre since he was at a young age. “I’ve been denying to grow up”, Eddie Kang said, which has been translated into his everlasting philosophy in arts and life of celebrating purity, sincerity, fun-filled youthfulness and more simply put in his words – “the better half of the world”. Kang has explored many different forms of artistic expression, from drawing to painting, toy and fashion accessory. Kang’s animated works contain repetitive patterns, imaginary animal-themed characters and a diverse range of bright color. Unlike the works by most of his more poignant peers, his works of art almost radiate a certain air of insouciance at the first glance. However, through time, the viewers will discover with delight that they promise warmth, entertainment, and affection, and deliver Kang’s strong statement against a world of malice, insincerity and consumerism.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA, Kang has exhibited extensively in Asia. He further started gaining international recognition through past and current collaboration with Sandra Gering Inc., New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, Unseal Contemporary, Tokyo, the Abbazia di San Gregorio, Venice, the Wereldmuseum, Rotterdam, Asia Society, Hong Kong Center (exhibition starts on September 25, 2017). Kang’s works serve collectively as a trademark in a cultural sphere where fine art, fashion brands, entertainment and social media naturally interact. Kang currently lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

About Lucie Chang Fine Arts
Lucie Chang founded Lucie Chang Fine Arts in 2011. The Hong Kong-based gallery has been encouraging social dialogues and diversity in the forms of contemporary art.

Working in concert with collectors from Hong Kong, Europe, and Greater China, Lucie Chang Fine Arts has stable collector resources. The gallery has also enjoyed close relationships with major academic institutions and organizations. Among the community of academia, art galleries and curators, Lucie Chang Fine Arts has garnered a reputation of paying close attention to the continuous and high-quality presentation of artworks as well as organizing important and strongly curated exhibitions.

Promoting artworks carrying Chinese cultural implications in wide-ranging media has always been the gallery’s long-term mission. However, the gallery has been redefining its role in the art scene of Asia and beyond, welcoming a variety of international talents into its dynamic program.


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