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Galerie KOO – Art Central

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26 March, 2018
1 April, 2018
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Galerie Koo would like to propose to Art Central with a group of Contemporary Chinese Ink artists together with a local sculptor; where artists communicate with viewers about their emotions blends with the world surrounds them, by expressing themselves through Chinese ink or cement.


He Baili (b.1945, Hong Kong)

He paints the nature with his own style of Chinese ink and color.

He Jilan, Eric (b.1974, Hong Kong)

Eric paints the coastline and rocks with Chinese ink and a touch of cubism.

ZHAO Lu (b. 1980, China)

Zhao paints the inner world of himself which relates to the world seen through the eyes of a Buddhist.

CHEN Xi (b. 1966, Austria)

Chen uses Chinese ink to picture his own style of mountains and rivers round the world.

WONG Chak-Hung (b. 1963, Hong Kong)

Wong paints his love for Hong Kong with an extension of his MTR tiles paintings to Chinese ink painting.

SIN YUEN (b. 1967, Hong Kong)

SIN’s recent works are all about the diversity of line expressions. She adopts the traditional Chinese line-drawing skill, to embrace the simplest thing we always come across in our everyday life—it is a record of the moments of memories!

KWAN Sze-Fong (b. 1962, Hong Kong)

Kwan has a strong passion in city-farming. She fuses her harvest with Chinese ink and created her series of sculptures- ‘The Harvest’, with mud, cement and Chinese ink “stirred” together.



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