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Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
14 July, 2022
11:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
13 August, 2022

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to introduce ‘Goodbye, Hello.’, a solo presentation of new prints by Hong Kong artist June Ho.

“Once there was an elephant at Hong Kong’s Lai Yuen Amusement Park, now there are only walls of graffiti that have been whitewashed over; once Hong Kong was a fishing village, now Hong Kong is packed with housing estates; once there were mountains and ancient houses in Hong Kong, now there are railways and high-rises” observes the artist.

In her thirties, June Ho has not grown up with a historic Hong Kong, but living in this city, navigating its roads, taking in the scenery, watching the movies, have all shaped her perception of the Hong Kong constructed by those before us. This is the Hong Kong she experiences, the city she observes, the place she participates in through her daily life. Hong Kong has long been regarded as a highly urbanised place, but among the many skyscrapers nestles the unique downtown scenery that can only be found here. They could be traces left by changing times or born from the chemistry between a citizen’s lifestyle and the cityscape. Living here, she is experiencing other’s experiences, searching for Hong Kong’s cultural symbols.

In this exhibition of prints, June Ho narrates the story of her city through scenes of daily life and cultural icons. Hong Kong’s images are more than the skyscrapers by the Victoria Harbour and the bustling scenes of Mong Kok. Hong Kong’s scenery can be focused on the down-to-earth, every day.