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Green Music by Tomoko Sauvage & Francesco Cavaliere

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21 January, 2017
4:30 am - 6:00 pm
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Empty Gallery presents Green Music – a piece by the Danish fluxus composer, Henning Christiansen – reinterpreted and performed by Tomoko Sauvage and Francesco Cavaliere. Come join us for a relaxing afternoon listening to sounds of nature with your green ear.
In their sound installation/ performance, Sauvage and Cavaliere play visual music with green sculptures, icons, plants, tea, minerals, glass, ceramic, cassettes and green-painted synthesizers, as a tribute to Christiansen’s obsession and passion with the sounds from nature and the colour green. Surrounded by a small collection of green curiosity, the duo are mainly using a pair of glass bowls filled with water and leaves, diving in a repetitive aquatic rhythm amplified by two hydrophones. Objects in different shades of green are mixed and displaced as if in an act of painting, where relations of colour and sound are explored and celebrated.

Tomoko Sauvage, a Paris-based Japanese musician and sound artist, is known for her serene, contemplative and aquatic waterbowls music, where she uses water-filled porcelain bowls of different sizes and hydrophones for her electro-acoustic performances and compositions. The sound of every water wave, droplet and bubble resonating in the bowls is amplified and goes into audio feedback to create waving drones and natural overtones. In her works, Sauvage seeks delicate balance between the controlled and uncontrolled, manipulation and chance, repetition and instance. Sauvage exhibited and performed extensively around Europe, US, Canada and Japan, notably at Empty Gallery (HK), Grimmuseum (BER), Centre Pompidou-Metz (FR), Musée de la céramique d’Andenne (BE) etc. Her music was released by and/OAR (US), aposiopèse (BE), dokidoki editions (FR).

Francesco Cavaliere is a Berlin based Italian sound artist. A formally trained musician, Cavaliere has developed a unique style of utilising his voice as the main source of sounds, as well as a library of home made sound effects. Inspired by literature and film, his work is reminiscent of old radio drama, where a strong narrative is accompanied by prominent electronic music. Cavaliere creates a universe of eccentric characters and elements, not only by inventive expressions through fiction and sound, but also attentive use of intonations and gesticulations. First introduced to the world through the tape “Neverending Somersault”, Francesco Cavaliere released his full length LP “Gancio Celo” on the label Hundebiss (IT) in 2016, as well as a second volume in the same year.


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