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Opening / Event Date:
19 May, 2023
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
23 June, 2023
Event Category:
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RUPERT J. SMITH x Rachel Hiu-Yin Ip
ROBERT BECHTLE x Sam Cheng Tan Shan
MARIE LAURENCIN x Chika Tanikawa

Sansiao Gallery HK is pleased to announce “HOMMAGE,” our group exhibition featuring emerging artists who have created new works as a tribute to established artists in the gallery’s collection. This exhibition brings together a diverse range of artists whose unique styles and perspectives are sure to captivate and inspire our visitors.

The exhibition features the works of Rupert J. Smith, James Rizzi, Robert Bechtle, Andy Warhol, Jonathan Seliger, Marie Laurencin, and Walasse Ting. Each of the emerging artists in the exhibition has carefully selected an established artist’s artwork as a source of inspiration for their new pieces.

Rachel Hiu-Yin Ip chose to make homage to Rupert J. Smith’s “JAPAN PROJECT,HOMAGE TO ANDY WARHOL / NIKON-AF/N8008,” which was not just a camera but also Andy Warhol’s preferred “master” silkscreen printer. Rachel’s work explores the relationship between photography and its development and focuses on silkscreen printing.

King Lau’s homage is to James Rizzi, whose style of bright colors and bold outlines is similar to King’s own style. Although the two artists’ works are distinctively different, King’s composition with figures resonates with Rizzi’s art.
Sam Cheng Tan Shan’s work pays tribute to Robert Bechtle’s photorealistic paintings of intersections of houses and cars, which represent typical American homes. Despite the differences in style, Sam enjoys portraying Hong Kong’s streets and buildings in her ink paintings.

TODO creates two pieces inspired by Andy Warhol’s books “POPism” and “FACTORY MADE.” The artwork created by sandwiching layered glass within the “POPism” book creates space, while the “FACTORY MADE” artwork uses stacked pages with resin to form a block, showcasing the layers of text.

Kiyu Kisu attempts to reproduce the viewpoint of “respect for everyday items” and “artification of consumer culture” in Jonathan Seliger’s shopping bag series through illustration. By ignoring the utility of designed objects that are invisible in everyday life, Kiyu Kisu aims to highlight their artistic character.

Chika Tanisawa’s tribute is to Marie Laurencin, whose unique style as a female artist is depicted in pastel colors and grays, similar to Chika’s own. Chika’s work imagines three women living in a castle and their concert with animals, evoking a sense of imagination and storytelling.

Mai Takada pays homage to Walasse Ting’s works by expressing a woman’s face like a half-three-dimensional mask, creating an image that makes the viewer feel as if they are being watched.

Join us at Sansiao Gallery HK from May 19th to June 23rd, 2023, for “HOMMAGE,” a celebration of the diverse talents and inspirations of emerging and established artists alike. The opening reception will be held on May 19th from 5-7 pm, and we look forward to seeing you there.


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