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Huai「懷……」Group Exhibition (Part 2) 6 – 27 JAN

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
6 January, 2024
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
17 February, 2024
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Galerie Koo is delighted to present a group exhibition “Huai” by 12 Hong Kong female ink artists.

Exhibition Period: 6th  to 27th January 2024

Opening Reception:  6th January 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 3-6pm
All artists in attendance

“Huai…” gathers the paintings and sculptures of 12 ink artists. The artworks will be divided into two parts for display. The first part (Huai I) will feature works by seven artists, including Chan Sui-ying, Cheng Hoi-ching, Sam Cheng, Chu Lok-ting, Kam Shing-yan, Leung Lai-man and Tsang Po-yee. This exhibition will run from December 2 to 30, 2023. The second part (Huai II) will exhibit works by five additional artists, namely Chantal Fok, Winnie Hui, Leung Yin-nei, Katy Mak and Margaret Yeung. The second part of the exhibition will be held from January 6 to 27, 2024.

Composed of two parts, the exhibition aims to delve into how these artists embody the contemporary taste of classical Chinese culture by exploring the traditional painting concepts of incorporating Daoist principles and capturing the essence of clarity and contemplation. It also seeks to examine the diverse paths and shared inspirations that drive their artistic endeavours, showcasing both the authenticity of Chinese culture and their unique, experimental creative expressions that resonate with the contemporary era.

The exhibition intends to reveal the artistic vision and imagination of the twelve ink artists. Their works encompass a wide range of subjects, from landscapes to minute natural elements, from emotional narratives to reflections on cultural traditions. These artworks represent the artists’ unique perspectives and visual paradigms, which they have developed through their engagement with various aspects of the world. The diverse imagery presented in their works can be traced back to the artists’ aesthetic judgments and associative inspirations. Their keen observations of birds, animals, plants, and their delicate perception of emotions, ranging from anger to laughter and from joy to contemplation, inform their artistic expressions. However, the artists’ approach goes beyond mere observation; it requires a nuanced understanding of human emotions and a receptive mindset that embraces the essence of each subject.

The exhibition not only focuses on the artists’ approaches to objects and ways of viewing but also places great emphasis on the spiritual context of ink art and the expansion of its heritage. The artists either adhere to cherished traditional techniques and expressive methods or depict the chemical reactions that occur when human civilization and natural evolution merge, thereby portraying the unique landscape of contemporary culture. Through their skilled use of various materials and special techniques, they also showcase the impressions left by their interactions with everyday living environments. Nevertheless, regardless of the approach, one can perceive the ink spirit that they carve, dye, and apply as they contemplate their inner selves and touch upon the texture of emotions.

Curator Louis Cheung


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