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1 December, 2017
7 January, 2018
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Whitestone Gallery is proud to present “Intermixture” by featuring three emerging Japanese artists: Hebime, Madara Manji, and Masayuki Tsubota. The artists explicitly demonstrate their distinctive utilization of materials. By exploring the uniqueness of various textures, they blurred the boundary of painting and sculpture forming an emulsion of artistic expression. Bringing together the three young artists for the first time, visitors can enjoy the intermixture of a unique experience in a single gallery space.

Hebime (1982- ) was very much influenced by the Surrealism artists, such as Salvatore Dali, and Max Ernst, he established his iconic series in 2009, after his second solo exhibition in Tokyo; Hebemi creates a unique three-dimensional painting: The Acrylic Scratch. The artist chooses the colour of pigment on a whim, and by applying layers of acrylic paint over the wooden board then engraves its surface with a chisel. Hebemi’s artwork mesmerizing in its oddness of colour, which creates rhythmical marble patterns on carved surface.

The Tokyo-based artist Madara Manji (1988- ) creates metal sculptures based on Mokume-gane, a traditional Japanese toreutics technique, by developing his own theory and philosophy about life and death, he expresses the colliding emotions between human beings. Manji striks different kinds of nonferrous metals to form delicate and highly intricate patterns, he shows the beauty of life lies within our inner conflicts. Also, the artist applies gold plate in a mass of concrete to demonstrate the autonomy of each material are incompatible, questioning the contradiction of human existence, and expressing the notion that human beings are essentially polyhedral. His debut exhibition, MADARA MANJI: Antagonism and Transcendence, was held in early 2017 at Whitestone Gallery Karuizawa in Japan.

After receiving his B.A. and B.F.A. from the Osaka University of Arts, Masayuki Tsubota (1976- ) creates a series of sculptures with wood and aluminum, he delicately shaves and polishes the medium with vibrant colours to create an unifying effect. These underlying connotations are what give his sculptures numerous dimensions, as well as intrigue. The abstract texture and pattern allow the viewers to question on their self-reflection, in order to re-experience seemingly familiar visual (Déjà-vu ) in a different way.

Motif, material, colours, form, are intensely appealing to our vision. All of them are here to showcase an idea, and trigger us to come up with our own interpretation of the pieces. We cordially invite you to enjoy their fascinating ideas that ooze out of the works. The exhibition will be held from 1st December 2017 to 7th January 2018 at Whitestone Gallery Hollywood Road.


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