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Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009 – The End is Another Beginning

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21 May, 2022
18 June, 2022
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JPS Gallery is pleased to present The End is Another Beginning, a solo exhibition by Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009, on view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location. The presented show marks the second solo exhibition of the artist with the gallery, showcasing a series of works that returns to themes explored in 009’s earlier exhibitions, which reflect on the emotional transition after bereavement as he navigates the journey of loss, grief and hope.

Following Life like a galaxy railway in 2020 and Space Time of Love in 2021, this exhibition is temporarily the last instalment of the Galaxy Exhibitions series. As 009’s character astronaut Unio nears the end of a three year long exploration of the philosophical doctrines of fatalism within this vast universe, the new series of works presents a more evolved and wiser version of Unio.

(009’s Stardust Space) installation is one of the major highlights of the exhibition curation. The installation is a small room that transforms the stars in 009’s works into a perceptual experience through projection – offering a chance to look into an illusion of space and allow viewers to fully immerse themselves into the artist’s imagination. Each work is autobiographical – representing a sensation and emotion that the artist overcame in the moment of creating the work. In addition, the exhibition will also display a limited-edition sculpture, allowing viewers to experience the artist’s macrocosm in different ways.

To create works fuelled with a ferocity of feelings, 009 would start painting when he had reached an emotional breaking point and use painting as a means of catharsis. Therefore, his expressive brushstrokes and built-up layers of composition are as complex as the experiences and emotions he is trying to evoke. This exhibition encapsulates the critical moments of self-reflection the artist has experienced during one of the most significant turning point in his life. As the exhibition title implies, these works mark the end of a chapter and beginning of another.


Additional Artist-Led Tour “The End is Another Beginning: Exhibition tour led by Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009”
20 May 2022, 3 – 4 pm
Venue: JPS Gallery Hong Kong

JPS Gallery will host a guided tour of The End is Another Beginning led by the artist Jackie Lam a.k.a. 009. He will give a comprehensive introduction to the theme, background and creative process behind each work displayed in the exhibition. The tour is an excellent opportunity to understand how 009 transforms his personal experiences and breakthroughs into works of art from his perspective. This event also celebrates and commemorates the entire Galaxy Exhibitions series before 009 embarks on a new creative journey.
This event will be RSVP only. Please email the gallery to make reservation.


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