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Live disCONNECT HK Artist Interview – In Dialogue with Kacey Wong: on the Making of The Quarantine

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21 November, 2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Instagram Live


Kacey Wong is going to talk about his video work The Quarantine for disCONNECT HK and discuss with HKwalls, Maria Wong about his artistic process during the pandemic. His experimental film The Quarantine pushes this idea of civilization going backwards due to unknown reasons. It questions what if living in a completely isolated dystopian world is not a hypothesis, but a must in order to survive. The narrative of the film depicts a man stranded on an island desperately needing a friend. He eventually met a dead fish on the shore which led him into a surrealistic journey which ultimately sets him free. The metaphorical story offers ‘transformation’ as an answer to the world of disconnection. He believes that this answer will also set people free in our real pandemic world.


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