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Opening / Event Date:
14 May, 2014
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Closing / End Date:
15 July, 2014
Event Category:

Ben Brown Fine Arts Hong Kong is pleased to present an exhibition of recent paintings and ceramics by renowned Spanish artist Miquel Barceló. Miquel Barceló: Courant Central will be the second solo exhibition of the artist’s work at the Hong Kong gallery and will coincide with Art Basel Hong Kong. The exhibition will include haunting paintings inspired by primitive cave drawings, unique ceramic sculptures and works from his radical new series of stark white canvases. 

Miquel Barceló’s work has deep roots in his native country and to his lifelong home of Mallorca, Spain.  The terrain and climate of Mallorca is a constant presence in his work; from the sea, shoreline and marine life to the red earth, scorching sun and cool breeze.  Barceló finds further inspiration in the cultural and architectural traditions of Spain, with the concentric formal qualities and sociological implications of the bullring holding particular fascination for him. Fascinated by his travels in West Africa throughout the 1980s, Barceló eventually built a studio in Mali where he found a similar affinity to the organic qualities of the landscape, which continue to influence and inspire his work today.

Please direct press requests to:

Guili Zhou
T. +852 6056 6115
E. [email protected]

Grace Wong
T. +852 9300 0636
E. [email protected]

Liz Clark
T. + 852 6083 2400
E. [email protected]


香港Ben Brown Fine Arts畫廊欣然宣布,即將為西班牙著名藝術家米格爾‧巴塞洛 (Miquel Barceló) 推出一場精彩紛呈的繪畫和雕塑近作展 ——中流砥柱(Courant Central)這是巴塞洛在香港Ben Brown Fine Arts畫廊舉辦的第二場個展,並將與香港巴塞爾藝術展同步推出。展品中有各式各樣、風格獨樹一幟的陶瓷雕塑,此外還有一個用素白畫布創作的全新系列,這是他以原始岩畫為靈感所創作的繪畫,觀之令人思潮起伏。米格爾‧巴塞洛將蒞臨香港,親自出席展覽開幕式。

巴塞洛的藝術創作從未離開過西班牙這片文化土壤,其作品深深植根於他的祖國,或更具體地說,它們皆植根於他的家鄉 —— 西班牙馬略卡島。馬略卡的碧海、海岸線、海洋生物、紅土地、驕陽和清風,在他的作品中俯拾皆是。 巴塞洛還會從西班牙文化和建築傳統中汲取靈感,例如鬥牛場規整的同心圓結構及其社會學含義,皆是他反復探討的主題。巴塞洛對祖國一往情深,但亦曾旅居非洲馬里,並深深地為這片土地的自然環境所吸引;此外,他在巴黎也設有工作室。


Guili Zhou 周桂麗
+852 6056 6115
[email protected]

Grace Wong 黄懿
+852 9300 0636
[email protected]

Liz Clark
+ 852 6083 2400
[email protected]


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