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Opening / Event Date:
29 September, 2018
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
28 October, 2018
Event Category:

September 29 – October 28, 2018

Opening reception: September 29, 5:00-7:00pm

Whitestone Gallery is pleased to present Tetsuo Mizù’s solo exhibition at H Queen’s, Hong Kong. This exhibition showcases the artist’s body of abstract works, inspired by the coded system of international maritime signal flags.

Mizù’s motifs of maritime signal flags make him a very unique artist; working with the coded system of international maritime signal flags, where the alphabets embed different meanings, with different sets of colors and patterns, an assortment of primary colors and geometrical shapes are put together to create meanings, in order to communicate between ships at sea. Mizù fuses patterns with the memories of his stay in Italy and the times he played flag games with his daughter, to create soft hued rhythmic patterns that signal abstraction.

Surface texture is very important to Mizù’s oeuvre; the artist carefully builds up the paint surface in a rough buttery texture that enriches his chosen palette. In other words, ‘matière’, matter and substance, represents the residue of the artist’s labor on the canvas. Mizù uses soft brushstrokes to generate a kind of pliable creamy textures, Mamoru Yonekura, the Japanese art critic once described Mizù’s art as: “together with his subtle hues, the quality of Mizù’s matière is as pearls or ivory.” Furthermore, Mizù is fascinated with music, and the quality of his matière is akin to sounds, floating along the surface of the canvas. Such melodious attributes are enhanced by the lyricism of the titles.

Born in Tokyo in 1944 and studied paintings in Musashino Art University, Mizù encountered Modigliani’s paintings in 1968, and the latter became the artist’s lifelong inspiration. Notable commissions of Mizù include, a stained-glass work for the church of St. Anna in Lavino, Rome in 1987, and a large-scale mural for the Nagano Winter Olympics in Japan in 1998. Mizù also published illustrated art books. He had exhibited extensively throughout his career, including a momentous exhibition in 1989, ‘Chagall, Dali, Picasso, Melois, and Mizù’ at B.I.A.F. Art Inter AG, in Barcelona, and held solo exhibitions throughout the world including, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Hong Kong.



開幕酒會: 2018 年 9月 29 日晚上 5時至 7 時

香港白石畫廊欣然呈現Tetsuo Mizù於H Queen’s的個展。本次展覽將展出藝術家從「國際海事信號旗」中所獲得靈感而創作的系列作品。


作品的表面紋理對Mizù來說相當重要,藝術家在粗糙的泛黃紋理中仔細的於表層反覆塗上顏料,藉以豐富了作品的霧面質地。 而所謂matière – 物質與質量,代表了畫布上藝術家勞動的痕跡。 Mizù於作品表面使用柔和的筆觸而產生一種奶油質地,日本藝術評論家Mamoru Yonekura曾形容為:“如他作品微妙的色彩般,Mizù的matière就像珍珠或象牙一樣。”此外,Mizù對音樂著迷, 他的matière則彷彿畫筆沿著畫布表面滑過的聲音,這些優美的屬性透過作品抒情的標題而顯得更加深刻。

1944年生於東京的Tetsuo Mizù 畢業於武藏野美術大學的繪畫課程。Mizù在1968年邂逅了莫迪里亞尼(Amedeo Modigliani)後受到了深刻的啟發。藝術家享譽國際的委託作品包含了在羅馬的聖安納教堂彩繪玻璃作品、1998年長野冬季奧運的滑冰會場中的巨型陶壁畫。除此之外

Mizù 也著有繪本。藝術家在創作生涯中也參與了許多國際知名展出,例如1989年於巴賽隆納的《Chagall, Dali, Picasso, Melois, and Mizù at B.I.A.F. Art Inter AG》,以及於比利時、荷蘭、德國、日本及香港等地舉辦個展。


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