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Liu Bolin – New Change

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Opening / Event Date:
28 March, 2019
6:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
27 April, 2019
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Liu Bolin, known as the “Invisible Man”, combines techniques encompassing sculpture, performance art and photography, in order to address important issues and political controversies across the globe. At first glance, his photographs seem to be only of unique locations – a rack of Mexican wrestling masks for sale or a pile of municipal waste. But on closer inspection, an outline of a man appears, painted in camouflage and hiding in the open. The beginning of this series in 2005 came out of political protest against the demolition of an artist compound in Beijing. Being unable to object in the open, the artist came up with an anonymous form of protest which he still practices today.

“New Change”, featuring new sculptures alongside photographs pulled from over five years of performances, questions the abundance of capitalism and the destructiveness of consumerism particularly on the environment.  Included in the exhibition is a new work derived from a performance in a surprisingly abundant Pyongyang supermarket, alongside a work made in 2015 to raise awareness of the UN’s Global Goals to end extreme poverty and fight inequality, injustice and climate change. Through this political lens, Liu Bolin’s work can be seen as a metaphor for the condition of today’s citizens who feel invisible to the greater powers of consumerism and urbanization.



藝術家劉勃麟以「隱形人」為人熟知,其作品透過包括雕塑、行為藝術和攝影等技法和媒介,探索全球範圍內的重要問題和政治爭議。他的攝影作品初看似乎只關乎獨特的場景——一整個待售的墨西哥摔跤面具貨架或一堆城市垃圾。但仔細觀察後,一個男人的輪廓逐漸浮現,他被畫上用以偽裝的顏料並藏身於圖像開闊之處。 始於2005年的這一系列作品原本來自對北京一處藝術家工作營遭到拆除的政治抗議。由於無法公開反對,藝術家提出了一種匿名形式的抵抗,並延續創作至今。

「New Change」呈獻全新的雕塑以及過去五年多內行為表演所衍生的攝影作品,對資本主義的豐富性、消費主義的破壞力,尤其是對環境的影響提出質疑。展覽包括一件新作,源於在平壤一個出乎意料富足的超市中所進行的表演;以及2015年為聯合國展覽創作的一件作品,旨在提高人們對聯合國全球目標的認識,包括結束極端貧困,消除不平等、不公正和氣候變化。透過其獨特的社會政治視角,劉勃麟的作品可以被視作當今公民生活現狀的隱喻:他們正被消費主義和城市化的巨大力量所掩蓋。


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