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Summer Exhibition: Taher Jaoui & George Morton-Clark

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
1 August, 2019
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
30 September, 2019
Event Category:

This summer, Opera Gallery Hong Kong is delighted to present artworks by contemporary artists Taher Jaoui and George Morton-Clark. The two artists take inspiration from street art, Abstract Expressionism, cartoons, and graffiti, all the while using oil paint, spray paint, charcoal, and acrylic to create largescale and bold works.

The artistic practices of Jaoui and Morton-Clark cover a wide range of mediums, including text, film, and music. The mathematical symbols that commonly appear in Jaoui’s work give his intuitive approach a formulaic quality, yet his colourful palette brings a sense of movement to his paintings. One of Jaoui’s favourite artists, Wassily Kandinsky, felt a strong affinity between music and painting. Kandinsky sought to compose visual ‘chords’ on his canvas to convey a synesthetic experience. In a similar way, Jaoui’s collages juxtapose visual references which the viewer is invited to form meaning with. On the other hand, Morton-Clark uses popular imagery to explore the nature of modern society and civilization. Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and many other street artists, Morton-Clark combines familiar cartoon character cut-outs, gestural lines and abstract colour blocks to create provocative images that are a mix between Pop and abstract art. As Morton-Clark remarked on his own work: “I want my art to excite people. I know I have created a decent painting when I look at it and feel my pupils dilate. I want the same to happen to the viewer and for them to experience something similar to what I did while painting it.”

Taher Jaoui was born in 1978 in Tunis, Tunisia. He graduated from Sorbonne University in Paris. He currently lives and works in Berlin. Jaoui had a background in science before he left to pursue an art career in 2013, making collages with vintage photographs. He began painting in 2014. As an expressionist, his aim is to convey emotions through the painting surface and bring happiness to the viewers. His work is all about ‘living the moment and living in the moment’. Jaoui’s work is featured in numerous private and public collections in Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and the United States.

George Morton-Clark was born in 1982 in Tooting, South London. He is a descendant of Sir Joshua Reynolds, the founder and first president of the Royal Academy of Arts. He studied animation for three years at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. His experience there has greatly influenced the evolution of his artistic style, moreover the animation aspect has never really left his work. Now based in East London, Morton-Clark’s work is part of several major collections around the world. He has also collaborated with various brands including AllSaints, DeLonghi, The Macmillan Cancer Trust and Penguin Books.

Opera Gallery is always committed to sourcing the most exciting contemporary art for our art collectors worldwide.

With the idea that art should be accessible to everyone, Opera Gallery Hong Kong is located in the heart of Central adjacent to the on-going Takashi Murakami’s solo exhibition at Tai Kwun.

With a four-floor exhibition space, Opera Gallery brings together a blend of styles and artists from around the world.

Iconic works by Takashi Murakami and KAWS are also on view on the gallery’s top floor. As the founder and Chairman of Opera Gallery, Gilles Dyan, explains: “An art gallery is not only a place to purchase art but also a place to enjoy and appreciate it. The goal is to bring art and people together. To give people a place to discover new ideas.” From now to the end of summer, visit our summer exhibition and view the works by Taher Jaoui, George Morton-Clark, and other contemporary artists as part of our summer programme.


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