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Organic City: Solo Exhibition by Daphné Mandel

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16 May, 2020
25 July, 2020
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Press Release:

Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to present Daphné Mandel’s first solo exhibition

with the gallery, as she continues exploring Hong Kong’s man-made urban

landscapes juxtaposed against a backdrop of lush tropical greenery. The

close-knit cohabitation of edifices and foliage, the natural vs. the artificial,

provide the starting off point for her representations of a Hong Kong both

real and fantastic. The Hong Kong of her imagination, is familiar yet surreal;

ultimately rendered as an exquisite city of the artist’s imagination.

Hong Kong, for me, is a city of densely packed contrasts, by virtue of its

compact urban fabric that coexists and intersects with its lush

and abundant natural environment. Organic City presents a series of works

that transpose and reinterpret this paradox in my own visual language: A city,

simultaneously man-made and “organic” as living breathing matter, alive,

and natural. – Daphné Mandel

Daphné Mandel’s latest works depict deliberately imaginary and incongruous

scenes of intertwined relationships between the city’s manufactured and

natural elements. In Oasis and in Pink Lady, luxuriant tropical foliage and

rock formations infiltrate and wrap Hong Kong’s archetypal building facades.

Tree Metamorphosis and Roots evoke the tenacious vegetation surviving in

the city’s concrete jungle; the relentless roots perforating walkways, stairs,

retaining walls and edifices, exploiting any gap or void to reconquer lost


In the triptych Densities, (Wanchai, North Point and Sham Shui Po), the

creative process began with urban plans of building footprints. Contours and

shapes of blocks are juxtaposed; density is visually exaggerated and

manipulated; and finally, a land saturated yet perpetually renewed is

revealed as a uniquely Hong Kong urbanscape. Neighborhoods of building

clusters are re-imagined as abstract entities, now re-assembled,

miniaturized, scattered, and perforated, like splashes of ink or pieces of an

organic puzzle.

Ms. Mandel’s latest artworks are mixed media imaginary portraits of Hong

Kong, and rely on a combination of skills, utilizing hand cutting and collage

painting, photography, urban design, and photomontage.

For more information, please contact [email protected]


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