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Passing by | Joey Leung

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
4 August, 2023
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
8 September, 2023

Sin Sin Fine Art cordially invites you to “Passing by”, a solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist and photographer Joey Leung. The show evokes a state of contemplation, with Joey’s ceramic sea animals evoking the quiet lives of those in living in time with the sea. He seeks the sense of freedom that comes with being present, like a fisherman observing the tide, and finds a sense of humour to through dark motifs such as strange marine creatures and death gods splashed on paper.

Joey grew up in Sai Kung, from a sprawling rural area known for its fishing villages, towering mountains, beaches, and slow lifestyle. It is where Hong Kong citizens escape from the tension and bustle of the city. This juxtaposition between the two sides of Hong Kong has meant that his mind is in constant movement and his subjects are often caught mid-action, while searching for a freer state of mind. His art ponders the complexities inherent in the act of being present while facing the realities of life.

Joey infuses his emotions into his works to allow people to stop and feel. Using his wit, he draws lively skeletal figures that play with the idea of time, while his marine ceramics evoke a single moment – the quiet contemplation of fishermen as they trust that the sea will ebb and flow and bring their catch to them. As they let any worries float by in that moment. And so through his works, Joey hopes to impart that feeling of freedom that comes with letting thoughts pass by, carried out by the waves.