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Qin Feng | Walking Across the Wild

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27 July, 2022
15 September, 2022
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Under the theme ‘Walking Across the Wild’, the long-awaited solo exhibition of Qin Feng is a showcase of the artist’s career for over three decades, spanning Chinese and Western art. Qin Feng is regarded as the leading figure of Chinese avant-garde as he revolutionized traditional Chinese ink art. Incorporating diverse elements and brimming with dynamism, Qin’s works of art blend the romantic aura of Western expressionism with the spiritual essence of Chinese calligraphy.

Qin’s works not only encapsulate the musing over Heaven and Earth in Chinese philosophy, but also radiate the immense energy of Western Expressionism. Creating paintings much larger than himself allows him to transform Chinese calligraphic art in the traditional sense into cross-cultural abstractionist paintings. Meanwhile, Qin Feng’s creations embrace a combination of art media and materials; his use of contemporary media fosters a multi-media art form that fuses traditional craft and contemporary cultural phenomenon, giving rise to the 3-dimensional space in the ‘Postmodernist Ink’.

Presented in this exhibition are works that epitomize the different phases of Qin’s career as an artist. They serve to illustrate the experimentation process behind the genesis of his personal style in ‘Postmodernist Ink’. From Limit of Growth to Desire Scenery, the audience would witness Qin’s artistic language which encompass both Eastern and Western cultures, as well as the changing and the constant in his creations throughout the years.

Traversing between tradition and contemporaneity, ideas and execution, concept and action, Qin Feng’s artistic creation is, just as he put it, indeed an adventure through the wild and a journey shuttling between the East and the West. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the space of conversation between the Chinese context and Western Expressionist style that is thoughtfully constructed by the artist.

Qin Feng (b 1961, Xinjiang, China)

Currently works and lives in Beijing

Graduated from Shandong Institute of Arts and Crafts in 1985, Qin Feng is a leading international ink artist and one of the foremost representatives of China’s avant-garde movement. In 1996, the German Government invited Qin Feng to Berlin to promote cultural exchange between China and Germany and in 2006, Qin Feng founded the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing. Qin was a guest lecturer in Berlin University of the Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. He is currently a contemporary art researcher in Harvard University. His works have been exhibited internationally and collected by private collectors, major museums and institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the Rockefeller Foundation and the National Museum of China amongst others.


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