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(Re) Contextualizing My Mind

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Opening / Event Date:
8 May, 2014
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
12 July, 2014
Event Category:

Pékin Fine Arts is pleased to present Singaporean artist John Clang’s exhibit “(Re) Contextualizing My Mind”, comprised of new photography and video work. Clang, who is New York City based, will be present at the Hong Kong opening. This is Clang’s 2nd solo exhibit with the gallery and his 1st in the Pékin Fine Arts Hong Kong gallery space.

One of Singapore’s most critically acclaimed young artists, Clang’s work comes out of his daily observations as a New York-based Singaporean, inspired by themes of time, displacement and urban existence. His work ruminates on his experience of city dwelling within a subtly changing urban landscape that seeks to navigate between cultures and continents. Clang’s practice examines and raises questions of the world he lives in, providing pictorial documentation as intimate mental reflection of one man’s mind. He records an emotive contemplation of possibilities arising from the mutability of perception and reality in daily life – sentiments at once both personal and universal.

(Re) Contextualizing My Mind is an on-going series begun in 1996 , exploring the intangible and fleeting aspects that precipitate human consciousness in an attempt to record with photography the artist’s own “mindscapes”. From the artist’s perspective, it is not his eyes scrutinizing but rather, his mind seeing. Created in different times of his life over a variety of states of mind, the images invite viewers to meditate on the notion of sight, sensation and perception, and their many accompanying codes and signifiers. Like a sleeping arm or leg awakened with a gentle tap, the series delivers the same tingling sensation of revival. Capturing images of the mundane and prosaic as sensual invitations for viewers to blindfold other sense organs, and focus solely on the richly layered world Clang constructs, in varied states of mind, over different moments in his life.


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