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Reflections On Paper

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20 August, 2020
10 October, 2020
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Memories from childhood, thoughts and emotions from the past, favourite pastimes, historical as well as contemporary commentaries are some of the themes explored by eleven upcoming artists from Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Burma in Karin Weber Gallery’s latest exhibition “Reflections on Paper”. Paper is the common medium that all these artists use to capture their diverse expressions and the versatility and imaginativeness with which they use it to effectively tell their individual stories is impressive both in aesthetic as well as technical terms.

Artist Bosco Law’s Focus Point has contemporary imagery as well as deeper philosophical overtones. Says the artist “From dots to images, drawing with a technical pen is like making connections on life’s long winding road.”

Emotions are pre-dominant in 3/365 by Carmen Ng which depicts the The Chinese Tongsheng Calendar and visually shows images of her room during the last three days spent in it before the artist moved out.  “I emptied the furniture and contents leaving behind a vacant room which was very poignant and memorable for me.” says the artist.

Using masking tape alone, Elvis Yip creates an illusion of a swimming pool in his eponymous work A Leaking Pool. The illusion lies not only in the subject matter but also the medium.

In Eric Fok’s round painting of HK map 2047.49, the  artist  creates a “paradise” where he juxtaposes traces from different colonial periods. Dichotomies like civilized vs barbaric, foreign vs local are reimagined.

The colourful landscape painted by Hannah Shieh reflects one’s craving for a sense of belonging.

June Ho’s new series of prints focusses on childhood memories and impressions on her mind when strolling in neighbourhoods that she has grown up in Hong Kong, China and Japan .

Katy Lau’s paintings are mindscapes depicting her feelings and spiritual experiences during a visit to Venice last year. The day and night scenes convey the depth of her own emotions and awareness whilst observing the sky and the sea there.

Kurt Chan’s calligraphy uses special software to generate Chinese calligraphy characters combining a stylus pen and modified brushstrokes in an unconventional way.

Layering of images is cleverly used to introduce a third dimension as Li Ting Ting experiments with infusion of the concept of time.

Yang She Wei’s delightful water colour portraits of gatherings of Bikini Girls and Reading reflect leisure activities and pastimes while subtly posing deeper questions.

Zun Ei Phyu layered paper-cut creations focus on social themes and societal issues in present day Myanmar.

As several different ways of using the same medium come together in “Reflections on Paper” we are encouraged to enjoy these unique interpretations not only for their art but also for their mastery over a craft.

About the Artists

Bosco Law (b.1989, HK) obtained his Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  His recent exhibitions include ‘你好嗎 I Am Fine’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2020), ‘What Has Been, Will Be Lost Until We Found It’, Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong (2018), ’Hidden Body’, AishoNanzuka, HK (2017).

Carmen Ng (b.1988, HK) received her BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). She is the winner of the Distinguished Print Award at the 29th Hong Kong Print Awards 2017. Recent shows include ‘20/20’, Karin Weber Gallery anniversary exhibition, HK (2019), ‘Place To Place’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2019). Her works are in the collection of Hang Seng Bank, P&G in HK and Guangzhou and several private collections.

Eric Fok (b.1990, Macau) received his Bachelor of Visual Art, Fine Arts/Art Education, Macao Polytechnic Institute and MFA in Department of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. He is a finalist in the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2019. Recent shows include ‘Notes On The Future’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2019), ‘The Glorious Age of Tainan City’, Tainan Art Museum, Taiwan (2019). His works are in the collection of the Museum of the Orient in Portugal, the Macau Government Headquarters and the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR and several private collections worldwide.

Elvis Yip (b.1989, HK) obtained his BA in Visual Arts, HKBU. Recent exhibitions include ‘Opportunity! WMA Annual Exhibition’, Hong Kong City Hall, HK (2019), ‘Claylabration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition’, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, HK (2018).  He is a finalist of the WMA MASTERS 2018/19 ‘Opportunity’.

Hannah Shieh (b.1997, HK) received her BA in Visual Arts of HKBU in 2019. She is the award winner of The Best Award of Western Painting, AVA BA Graduation Show 2019. Recent shows include Fresh Trends, Hong Kong City Hall, HK (2019).

Katy Lau (b.1996, HK) received her BA in Visual Arts of HKBU in 2019. Her recent exhibitions include ‘Unforsaken Mass’, Cheer Bell Gallery, HK (2019), ‘The Awakening of a Generation: The May Fourth and New Culture Movement’, Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum, HK (2019).

Kurt Chan (b.1959, HK) obtained his BA in Fine Arts, CUHK and MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan, United States. He represented HK in 51st Venice Biennale and the 2nd Asia Pacific Triennial. Recent shows include ‘Why Art’, Museum Ulm, Germany (2018). Kurt’s works are in the collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

June Ho (b.1990, China) graduated with a BA from CUHK. Recent shows include ‘Flaneur – Prints by June Ho’, Karin Weber Gallery on Artsy (2020), ‘Place To Place’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2019). Her works are in many private collections in HK.

Li Ting Ting (b.1982, China) received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Shanxi Normal University, China in 2004 and MFA in Renmin University of China (2007). Recent exhibitions are Nouvel Institut Franco-Chinois de Lyon, France (2019), ‘Echoing Harmony’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2019), ‘Time’, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2018). Her works are held in the Origo Collection, Switzerland, Shan Art Foundation and Today Art Museum in China.

Yang She Wei (b.1971, China) obtained his Bachelor degree from the Hubei institute of Fine Art, China in 1995 and Masters degree in Xu Beihong Art College of Renmin University of China in 2008. His paintings have been shown in Today Art Museum, China (2019), Powerlong Art Center, China (2019).  His works are in the collection of Today Art Museum and Guan Shanyue Art Museum in China.

Zun Ei Phyu (b.1986, Myanmar) was awarded the Young Talented Artist Award at the Affordable Art Fair, Singapore. Recent shows include ‘Layered Stories’, Karin Weber Gallery on Artsy (2020), ‘20/20’, Karin Weber Gallery anniversary exhibition, HK (2019), ‘Yangon Made My Heart Beat Fast”: New Contemporary Art from Myanmar’, Karin Weber Gallery, HK (2017), ‘Shapeshifting: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia’, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, HK (2016).


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