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Shannon Cartier Lucy: A stapled glass

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
9 December, 2021
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
10 January, 2022
Event Category:

MASSIMODECARLO gallery is pleased to present A stapled glass, the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong by Nashville based artist Shannon Cartier Lucy.

With a career of endless experimentation spanning over twenty years, Shannon Cartier Lucy is one of the most celebrated figurative painters working today. Her paintings are the prelude to endless narratives: representing incredibly little while suggesting so much. Her painted images initially imply cohesion before disconnecting the narrative from its source and developing their own contradictions.

At first glance, Cartier Lucy’s subjects are familiar but bizarre by nature: a woman stretching her back, a girl with hands tied in a red rope, a finger pointing in a dark void, a stapled glass. Her works are both ordinary and absurd, comfortable and uncomfortable, ironic and disturbing.

The exhibition premieres the first solo with the gallery and her first exhibition in Asia. Consisting of seven new paintings created in 2021, the exhibition shares its aesthetic language with the seventeenth-century Baroque master painters of shadow and light.

What appears familiar transforms to become the lead to another level of narrative, suggesting confusion of information. However, this is what makes them so unique. A knife cutting through two peaches, a bird feeding its hatchling with a butterfly, a woman looking down; despite the simplicity of the images, Cartier Lucy’s works hide a peculiar opacity.

Cartier Lucy infuses her painting with uncanny and impossible situations that become a new normality in her work. The artist is a cantor of the inner world; her practice can be seen as a mirror of a dystopic society, whether intentional or accidental, reflecting a sociocultural landscape filled with hallucinatory and contradictory information.


Shannon Cartier Lucy was born in 1977, in Nashville, Tennessee, where she currently lives and works. Recent solo exhibitions include: The ever flashing strap, Nina Johnson Gallery, Miami  (2020); Woman with Machete, de boer, Los Angeles (2020); Home is a Crossword Puzzle I Can’t Solv, Lubov, New York (2020). She also has exhibited at Kathleen Cullen Gallery, New York (2009); David Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee (2008); Cynthia Broan Gallery, New York (2007); Team Gallery, New York (2000).


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