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Small is Beautiful | Group Exhibition

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1 December, 2022
28 February, 2023
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In this new exhibition, Leo Gallery showcases a series of small but significant art pieces including painting, sculpture and photography. Artists include Li Yiwen, Max Huckle, Wu Xihuang and Zhang Ning.

Li Yiwen (b. 1982, Henan, China)
Li avoids storytelling and does not wish his works become a sample of literature illustration. With his works, Li hopes to bring a new reading to the viewers through their own perceptions which are stimulated by colours, forms, space and textures triggering a series of emotional reactions.

Max Huckle (b. 1987, Heidelberg, Germany)
Max is looking for that one line that will stop the world. It is hasty, powerful and overwhelming but then there is that line, that stroke, that gesture which stops the time. Assembling and dissembling by adding more pieces together or magnifying smaller sections, Max plays very well with dimensions and patterns.

Wu Xihuang (b. 1981, Fujian, China)
Wu is interested in the unconventional visual language of human interactions and uses this as the foundation which taps into an interesting phenomenon, worths our discussion.

Zhang Ning (b. 1983, Shandong, China)
Viewers are encouraged to explore a diversified perspective in spaces and narrations through these small and subtle sculptures by Zhang Ning.


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