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Opening / Event Date:
10 August, 2021
10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
16 August, 2021
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This fall, Art of Nature International seeks to continue the French art spirit of the summer. Respectfully presenting the “The Path of Light”─French Art Exhibition. With our great admiration of countless French artists and the profound influence of French Art on the world, Art of Nature is honored to bring the oil painting works of four esteemed French artists Pierre Carron, Rémy Aron, Marc Tanguy, Natalie Mile, as well as the 3rd and 4th generation of France-based artists, after Lin Fengmian and Zao WuJi─Lam Man Kong and Cang Yuan. The exhibition can be view from 10 Aug to 16 Aug, at Hong Kong Arts Centre Pao Galleries 5/F. Warmly invite you to join us for the VIP Preview on 10-11 Aug and the opening reception on Thur 12 Aug, 5-8 pm.


In the era of the pandemic, the world eagerly longs for the “light” could enter people’s lives. Even in the face of devastation and death, human’s aptitude to convey the message of “light of humanity” with subtle, sincere and poetic artistic expression will not be hindered. For the “light” in art, it has long been a vital element for painters to comprehend and interpret both the real and spiritual world. Different methods of color and light examinations have contributed to the painting, reaching a sophistication — the boundlessness and all-embracing. “Light” is now a symbol of the essence of painting, but who knows what variation will it present in the future? Figurative art that pays attention to the elements of design and colors; impressionism innovatively explores light and color; cubism deconstructs but recreates the beauty of space and objects; abstract art that uses the most primitive artistic language to speak for one’s spiritual world. The artists specializing in the art styles respectively have played their part in reflecting the French history, heritage, culture, and their personal experiences and dreams, or maybe the complex mixture of all on their artworks. In “The Path of Light”, we are bringing their varied works, which show how the art flourishing country has cultivated the artistic refinement of its people and dwellers, hoping to explore the inheritance of the artistic spirit of creation of the France-based artists.


Pierre Carron is predominately inspired by French figurative artist Balthus. He is especially known for his portrayals of children with distinctive facial expressions, natural landscape and life scenes, with mysterious and fantasy visual impact. Even in an illusory scene, he still creates the innocence of children and the purity of nature, thus a sense of belonging is aroused spontaneously for its viewers. His works break away from the mundane under a picture full of childishness, and then lead us to the bewildering world of painting. His works manifest the pursuit of the authenticity of human kind, and also the artist’s clear nature, from the realm of perfection and natural beauty.


Rémy Aron’s works are mainly composed of still life, landscapes and human bodies, characterized with a touch of mystic facilitated by the rearrangement of geometric shapes. His landscapes convey rhythm and poetry motivated by rich, vibrant colors and semi-rough brushstrokes, with both Cubism and abstract approaches. It fully embodies an outstanding personal style in the sense of completeness and precision, permeated with a strong melancholy temperament and a touch of nostalgia. He is accustomed to using brush strokes arranged like sketch lines, which are blunt but cute in their shape, to create an image. Find them abstract when looking closely but figurative in distance. We can only grab the clues from the mingling. The works allow its viewer to connect with its unique artistic language, leading them into its characteristic realm.


The landscape is currently Marc Tanguy’s favorite field of exploration. He uses short brushstrokes and vibrant colors to show a strong sense of tranquility. The image blur into sensitive and organic abstractions in his paintings, enlarging its viewer’s room for imagination. From the dense brushstrokes to the use of large color blocks, his works are permeated with an open poetic space in variation. The peaceful and silent atmospheres along with the lights and colors of the image manifest a certain lyricism and the artist’s affection for nature.


Natalie Miel specializes in combining flat and figurative indoor decorations with outdoor natural scenery. All the objects and elements in her painting are disordered, unjustified but refined. With the colorful spaces with the favor of the day and the modest outlines, a sense of a sweet euphoria exudes by itself. The patterns and decorations contain strong oriental and ukiyo-e elements due to the artist’s frequent traveling to China. This special combination brings subtle effects of both visually novel and a reflection of the relaxed and refreshing French life.


Lam Man Kong is deeply influenced by classicism and impressionism. He focuses on the artistic language, blending scenes, elegant pictures, and intensely profound content. He uses delicate and expressive colors. In Lam’s works, he not only expresses the breath of life and the peaceful and gentle poetry, but also his love for the scenes he portrays.


From Xi’an to Paris, Cang delivers his attitude and pursuits perfection in his works through his life experience. Cang’s works present a bizarre, phantom-like landscape with gorgeous colors, fuzzy outlines and poetic languages. Influenced by Francis Bacon, the “space” Cang creates in his works breaks through the framework and gives it a sense of “infinity”. At the same time, he fuses the heroic temperament of Northwest Chinese with the Western contemporary abstraction. Due to the study both on philosophy and aesthetics, Cang obtained new research results on emphasizing artworks’ aesthetic function and purity of vision while pursuing and discovering the artistic value of creation.


Opening Recaption

12 Aug 2021, 5 – 8 PM


10–16 August 2021


Pao Galleries 5/F

Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island

* Free admission


Opening Hours

10 Aug, 3 – 8 PM

11-15 Aug, 10 AM – 8 PM

16 Aug, 10 AM – 5 PM

For inquiry, please get in touch with Yuriy Lee (2493 7236, [email protected])).


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