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Tick Tock

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
15 February, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
8 March, 2019
Event Category:

In the new beginning of 2019, we are pleased to present you the latest works by Sam Cheng. In this series of paintings, she brings in a new method of multi-paper mounting. With overlapping layers of paper, she intended to landscape more interesting sceneries visually. This is also the second time collaboration between Sansiao Gallery HK and guest curator Chun Poon, and we will continue to explore and promote young talents.


Tick tock, tick tock, the clock is ticking; bit by bit Sam Cheng records the tiny things in ordinary matters. With the fast pace living style, city people may not notice tiny things.  A cat’s favorite hiding place, a plant sprouting in the impossible environment, and floating in the clouds or in the water, Sam is always curious about these subjects. Uniting imagination and memory, she uses traditional delineative painting (Gongbi Hua) techniques and modern ideas, capturing surroundings with sensational touches in her works.

For Sam, Chinese ink represents tradition as well as being regarded as a kind of “Tao” concept, a way inheriting the classical literati painting spirit. On the other hand, the mechanical elements in the paintings symbolize modernity, where precision and efficiency were invented. Sam tries to merge tradition and modernization, intertwining them within her works.  It’s like the “Alice in Wonderland”, but a contemporary body dreaming in the Chinese classical era. The clocking is ticking; space is shifting, creating a kind of uncertainty, time and space that are illusory and contradictory.

Completed a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a first-class honor in 2014, Sam Cheng has been committing in Chinese ink painting since her graduation. She is specialized at depicting still life and natural scenes occasionally project ideas with irony and symbolism in her works. Sam has participated in many local exhibitions in Hong Kong and has been invited to overseas joint exhibitions. Her works are often brought to the major art fairs and occasionally appear in important auctions.


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Initiated by Sansiao Gallery HK and guest curator Chun Poon, the project series of “Creating….” is intended to explore the potentials of the emerging talents.  The approach is straightforward – introducing fine art pieces to art appreciators.


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