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Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
25 October, 2018
6:00 am - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
14 December, 2018

Sansiao Gallery is delighted to present TRUSTMARK, an exhibition showing works referencing household brands, turning commodity into art, or is it the other way around?

Branding are immensely important to a business, it can create instant recognition of customers and affects the decision-making favoring to the product or service provided, it’s a Trustmark. At first glance, art and branding looks like a far cry, however, in contemporary art history, we judge an art work depending on its integration in the art market while it’s relation to its audience gets to be highly influenced by this market. Art are designed to capture eyeballs and build brand names, and almost all the time, prices of the works go up with the popularity of the artists, a perfect example of branding effect, just like the goal of any businesses.

In this exhibition, we picked the works of two artists, whom plays well by incorporating brands into their work, resulting a perfect merge of art and marketing. The show featuring sculptures by Jonathan Seliger and Japan Project prints by Rupert J. Smith, the master printer and art director of Andy Warhol, who picked the 10 hallmarks of Japanese industry represented and make it into prints.

Show Opening Reception:

25th October, 6-8pm


25th October – 14th December

Monday – Friday, 11am – 7pm