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Opening / Event Date:
1 October, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
29 October, 2016
Event Category:

Tang Contemporary Art will celebrate the first anniversary of its Hong Kong space on October 1st, 2016. We are also proud to announce our solo exhibition “Wang Du – Post-Fetishism” will open that same day, featuring all-new installation work by Paris-based Chinese artist Wang Du.

In Wang’s view, contemporary society has become increasingly beholden to material goods, confusing basic values between people, between objects, and between people, society, and education. This materialism has come to infect its very nerves, sending the vehicle for the evolution of human qualities into the pit of instant gratific ation and material consumption. Based on his keen observations of society, Wang Du produced a series of “post-fetishist” artworks. The mildewed objects in the exhibition seem to signify absurd phenomena related to the intersection and alienation of humans and objects.


Wang Du was born in Wuhan in December 1956. He has lived and worked in Paris since 1990. He has taught in the art department at the University of Paris VIII and the École supérieure d’art de Brest. Wang Du works in a range of media, including installation, sculpture, photography, and multi-media. His statement, “I am media, I am reality, I am image,” could be seen as an interpretation of the concepts behind his work. He believes that “the completely digital third reality is constructing a contemporary society and culture that needs to be constantly redefined.” Thus, his work redefines a series of concepts within reality from different perspectives, which is also the statement he has made since he declared, “I am the spokesperson for reality and the masses.”

Wang’s art has been disseminated widely in art criticism, documentaries, contemporary artist dictionaries, and art books. His work has also been covered by many international magazines, newspapers, and TV and radio stations. In 2008 and 2012, Wang Du held solo exhibitions at Tang Contemporary Art in Beijing, titled “International Kebab” and “Musée d’Art Contemporain de la Chine” respectively. His works have been exhibited throughout international museums and contemporary art institutions including the 1999 Venice Biennale, Centre Pompidou, Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris, Vancouver Art Gallery, Rodin Gallery in South Korea, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Deitch Projects in New York, Kestnergesellschaft in Hanover, Germany.


Tang Contemporary Art was established in 1997 in Bangkok, later es­­tablishing galleries in Beijing and most recently Hong Kong. The gallery is fully committed to producing critical projects and exhibitions to promote Contemporary Chinese art regionally and worldwide, and encourage a dynamic exchange between Chinese artists and those abroad.

Acting as one of the most progressive and critically driven exhibition spaces in China, the gallery strives to initiate dialogue between artists, curators, collectors and institutions working both locally and internationally. A roster of groundbreaking exhibitions has earned them international recognition, establishing their status as a pioneer of the contemporary art scene in Asia.

Tang Contemporary Art represents leading figures in Chinese art including Ai Weiwei, Huang Yong Ping, Shen Yuan, Wang Du, Liu Xiaodong, Yang Jiechang, Xia Xiaowan, Sun Yuan & Peng Yu, Yan Lei, Wang Yin, Guo Wei, Zheng Guogu, Michael Lin, Lin Yilin, He An, Zhao Zhao, Wang Yuyang, Weng Fen, Yang Yong, Xu Hualing, Xu Qu, XU Xiaoguo, Ji Zhou, Cai Lei, Ling Jian and Chen Wenbo, additionally collaborating with international artists such as Rirkrit Tiravanija, Navin Rawanchaikul, Sakarin Krue-on and Prasert Yodkaew.

HONG KONG Tang Contemporary Art’s recent expansion to a 2,000 sq. ft. gallery space in Central is part of a long term plan to develop their international programming. The space was inaugurated in October 2015 with the first solo exhibition of Ai Weiwei “Wooden Ball” in Hong Kong, followed by an ambitious line-up of a monthly exhibition program. ­


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