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Wang Mengsha: Whispering Blossoms

Exhibition details

Opening / Event Date:
13 December, 2023
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Closing / End Date:
16 March, 2024
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VIP Preview: 13 December, Wednesday, 5 PM -7 PM

Alisan Fine Arts-Central Gallery

Address: 21/F Lyndhurst Tower, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Alisan Fine Arts is excited to present an exhibition of Wang Mengsha, an artist who gracefully navigates through the realms of traditional and contemporary art, where the ancient ‘xieyi’ style of painting is reborn through her innovative approach. She harmoniously blends aspects of traditional paintings of daily objects, court maidens and natural elements, all while employing a sense of humour and a vibrant palette that reminds viewers of the natural sceneries in the south-eastern part of China.

Wang’s paintings, often imbued with bold and striking colours, offers a visual feast that is both aesthetically pure and symbolically profound. Her use of a scatter-point perspective, a method from traditional Chinese painting, allows a stream-of-consciousness narrative to unfold across her works, providing a non-linear, fluid exploration of thoughts and emotions, as opposed to the logical and rigid perspective stressed by Western aesthetics. Exaggerating on this traditional method, as in her work, A Glimmer of Distant Fragrance, Wang creates a lying-on-one-side maiden, outsized butterflies or still objects, in order to invite us to step into a world, where childhood dreams are not forgotten whispers but vivid realities that dance jovially on her creations.

Wang’s art does not merely depict scenes; it encapsulates emotions, memories, and a subtle yet poignant commentary on the dichotomy of our world. Wang paints not with a heavy hand, but with a lightness that belies the depth and complexity of her work. Her creations are a gentle rebellion against the heaviness of the adult world, a world where responsibilities often overshadow dreams, and pragmatism dims the vibrant colours of imagination and wonder: for example, in her artwork Shadow of the Flowers, Wang juxtaposes a child-like tiger, signifying dangers, against various auspicious elements, such as a pair of giant blue birds, oversized roses, as well as court maidens, to name a few.

Artist Bio

Born in Wuxi, currently working in Beijing and Wuxi, Wang Mengsha grew up in an artistic family. She graduated from the Xi’an Academy of Fine Art, having studied animation. Since then she has completed advanced studies at Griffith University, in Queensland Australia, and the University of Southampton, in the United Kingdom. After returning to China, she became a fulltime artist.

In recent years, her work has been acquired by a trustee of “The Women’s Art Collection”, a collection of modern and contemporary art by women artists, to be placed on loan at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, UK. She has exhibited at the University of Edinburgh Library, UK; Galerie 99, Germany; China Cultural Centre, Tokyo, Japan; International Art Centre, Jeju, South Korea; Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai; College of Fine Art Nanjing Art Institute, Nanjing, China. Wang has been honoured with many awards, including in 2011 Bazaar Art magazine selected her artwork as one of “The 100 Most Favourite Artworks of the Year”; and in 2013 the Beijing magazine National Arts awarded her the “Golden Star Prize”.

Recently, the images of Wang’s colourful works were seen travelling from Sheung Wan to North Point on Hong Kong’s iconic tram to promote Ink Asia, a fair dedicated to promoting ink art.


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