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The gallery was founded by Elizabeth Denny in 2013. We opened as Denny Gallery that January on the Lower East Side of New York City. Katie Alice Fitz Gerald joined as a contributing partner in 2013 and Robert Dimin joined as a partner in 2015. In 2019, we moved our primary location to a larger space in Tribeca and opened a second location in Hong Kong with Katie Alice Fitz Gerald as Director. The Hong Kong gallery has recently opened a new space in Wong Chuk Hang.

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Opening Hours
    Wed - Sat : 12pm - 6pm

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Denny Gallery
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Denny Gallery

Tim Garwood – Super Deluxe Violet Sky


Artist(s): Tim Garwood

Opening / Event Date: 18 Mar, 2023

Closing / End Date: 29 Apr, 2023

Andy Woll – A Green Horse

A Green Horse e-vite-01

Opening / Event Date: 28 Jan, 2023

Closing / End Date: 11 Mar, 2023

Amanda Valdez: here nor there

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 3.12.32 PM

Artist(s): Amanda Valdez

Opening / Event Date: 12 Nov, 2022

Closing / End Date: 23 Nov, 2022

The Thread Is Not Straight


Artist(s): Diedrick Brackens, Cristina Camacho, IV Chan, Marie Hazard, Ip Wai Lung, Judy Ledgerwood, and Josie Love Roebuck

Opening / Event Date: 10 Sep, 2022

Closing / End Date: 29 Oct, 2022

The Wild and The Tame


Artist(s): Jessie Edelman, L, Natalie Lo Lai Lai, Dana Sherwood, Greer Howland Smith, Paula Wilson

Opening / Event Date: 11 Jun, 2022

Closing / End Date: 3 Sep, 2022

Amir H. Fallah – Joy As An Act of Resistance


Artist(s): Amir H. Fallah

Opening / Event Date: 2 Apr, 2022

Closing / End Date: 2 Jun, 2022


Installation Image - Lunarian - Denny Dimin Gallery

Opening / Event Date: 22 Jan, 2022

Closing / End Date: 12 Mar, 2022