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“Schoeni Projects is the exciting and organic next chapter in my family’s commitment to facilitating cross-cultural collaborations between Asia and Europe. Building on this legacy, my new venture expands beyond the confines of the typical gallery model; my hope is that, whilst reflecting my father’s artistic philosophy and unique joie-de-vivre, we will also provide a distinctly new and dynamic space, a truly contemporary hub for artists and art lovers to meet, engage and collaborate.” — Nicole Schoeni, May 2020


Schoeni Projects promotes and celebrates cross-cultural dialogue through an innovative series of artistic collaborations, presented in unique creative environments. It is committed to offering infrastructure and support in promoting and developing the careers of emerging and established international artists and collaborators.

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Schoeni Projects
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Schoeni Projects

Manfred Schoeni: Art, Love and Legacy – A Chinese Contemporary Art Collection

Zeng Fengzhi, Mask 1998, No. 6, Oil on Canvas, 180 x 150 cm, 1999, Courtesy of the artist and Schoeni Projects

Opening / Event Date: 30 Jun, 2022

Closing / End Date: 31 Dec, 2022

Sham Shui Po is still Sham Shui Po

Li Chi Tak work-in-progress 02, courtesy the artist and Schoeni Projects

Artist(s): Li Chi Tak

Opening / Event Date: 2 Jun, 2021

Closing / End Date: 31 Jul, 2021

reCONNECT to disCONNECT #SouthSideSaturday

reCONNECT to disCONNECT - SouthsideSaturday

Opening / Event Date: 6 Feb, 2021

Closing / End Date: 6 Feb, 2021

Live disCONNECT HK Artist Interview – In Dialogue with Kacey Wong: on the Making of The Quarantine

Kacey Wong, The Quarantine, Video Installation, 2020 © Kacey Wong 2020-06

Opening / Event Date: 21 Nov, 2020

Closing / End Date: 21 Nov, 2020

Live 3D Virtual Tour of disCONNECT LDN led by Nicole Schoeni

disCONNECT VR exhibition

Opening / Event Date: 31 Oct, 2020

Closing / End Date: 31 Oct, 2020

disCONNECT HK Dialogue

disCONNECT HK Highlights at Hysan Place Urban Sky, credit Schoeni Projects and Daniel Murray Studio

Opening / Event Date: 24 Oct, 2020

Closing / End Date: 24 Oct, 2020

‘disCONNECT HK’ Artist Takeover Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

HK Historic Tenement Building, Green Lift

Opening / Event Date: 11 Oct, 2020

Closing / End Date: 29 Nov, 2020