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Shaped by Dominique and Arthur de Villepin’s passion for art, Villepin is a gallery created by collectors for collectors. Inspired by the founders’ own collections and profound knowledge of the Asian art market, Villepin offers a new gallery concept based on the art of collecting.

Through their experience building close friendships with artists, the father-son duo wish to share their expertise with fellow collectors by curating artworks that they themselves would love to collect, ultimately nurturing a unique model of collecting based on long-term relationships with artists and their estates or foundations.

With their knowledge of the region’s art scene and strong commitment to the city, the new gallery program will exhibit work by some of the world’s most important artists, focusing on those whose work carries universal messages to demonstrate the power of art to build bridges and change lives.

Villepin prioritizes its personal relationships with artists and aspires to tell their personal stories through staging important exhibitions of their work, producing detailed publications and generating dialogue about collecting art with passion.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours
    Tuesday - Saturday | 11am - 7pm

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Whispers of the Soul


Artist(s): Lawrence Carroll, Giorgio de Chirico, Giorgio Morandi, Cy Twombly, and François Halard

Opening / Event Date: 26 Nov, 2023

Closing / End Date: 19 Feb, 2024

Myonghi Kang: The Colors of Time


Artist(s): Myonghi Kang

Opening / Event Date: 3 Nov, 2023

Closing / End Date: 21 Nov, 2023

Anselm Kiefer: Golden Age

Im Frühtau zu Berge_0405

Artist(s): Anselm Kiefer

Opening / Event Date: 19 May, 2023

Closing / End Date: 17 Sep, 2023


Myonghi Kang,Pacific, 2012, 288 x 500 cm

Artist(s): Zao Wou-Ki, Myonghi Kang, Georges Mathieu, Miquel Barceló, Marie de Villepin, Ida Yukimasa

Opening / Event Date: 22 Mar, 2023

Closing / End Date: 16 Apr, 2023


WhatsApp Image 2022-11-18 at 11.07.51 AM

Artist(s): Marie de Villepin

Opening / Event Date: 17 Nov, 2022

Closing / End Date: 12 Feb, 2023

The Loss of Human Face?


Artist(s): Francis Bacon, Adrian Ghenie, Zeng Fanzhi, George Condo, Yukimasa Ida

Opening / Event Date: 2 Jun, 2022

Closing / End Date: 30 Nov, 2022

Zao Wou-Ki: The Eternal Return to China


Artist(s): Zao Wou-Ki

Opening / Event Date: 1 Dec, 2021

Closing / End Date: 22 Mar, 2022

Myonghi Kang: Origins

2021 atelier a` Jeju-2

Opening / Event Date: 17 May, 2021

Closing / End Date: 24 Oct, 2021

The Art of Hope: New School of Paris

螢幕快照 2020-12-14 下午12.01.15

Artist(s): Pierre Soulages, Georges Mathieu, Hans Hartung, Nicolas de Staël, Jean Dubuffet, Jean Paul Riopelle, Zao Wou-Ki

Opening / Event Date: 23 Nov, 2020

Closing / End Date: 23 Apr, 2021

Zao Wou-Ki: Friendship & Reconciliation

Zao Wou-Ki

Artist(s): Zao Wou-Ki

Opening / Event Date: 20 Mar, 2020

Closing / End Date: 20 Sep, 2020