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4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Double Q Gallery is pleased to present Inner Atmospheres, a solo exhibition of new paintings by David Horváth (b. 1998, Romania), his first with the gallery. Horváth graduated from the Department of Painting at the University of Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, an institution renowned for its painterly traditions. He currently lives and works in his hometown of Baia Mare, Romania.


Drawing inspiration from his predecessors of 19th and 20th century European landscape painting, including Paul Signac and Camille Corot, Horváth amalgamates numerous European painting traditions – impressionism, pointillism, realism and fauvism – to explore a deep fascination with light and shadows in the natural scenery. His new body of work is characterised by subtle shadings and quiet colours, ranging from warm luminescent hues to cool turquoise and blues. His aim is to portray the landscape around him with a heightened awareness of how a special moment can be expressed through atmosphere and light.


Horváth devotes much of his practice to small-scale paintings to emphasize detail and foster emotional intimacy. Using generously paint-loaded brushstrokes, his soft landscapes have a remarkable texture and a matter-of-fact immediacy. The smaller sized canvases allow viewers to appreciate each scenery in its entirety from a glance. Within hand’s reach, the viewer is briefly transported to the countryside, threading through serene forests and basking under the soft glow of twilight.


“The landscape is a way of seeking experimentation in contrast to feelings and sometimes impulsive attitudes, furthermore the effects of light and shadow are usually the content of the general image, the skeleton on which the painterly gesture forms. Each image has its individuality.” – David Horváth





畫廊: 藝倡畫廊(中環)

藝術家: 林國成

開幕日期: 19 Sep, 2023

閉幕日期: 9 Dec, 2023

Alive, Alive, Oh!

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 6.50.46 PM

畫廊: Ora-Ora

藝術家: 異李貞恩

開幕日期: 2 Nov, 2023

閉幕日期: 10 Dec, 2023

「Mellow doubt」


畫廊: JPS 畫廊

藝術家: Joe Cheetham

開幕日期: 15 Nov, 2023

閉幕日期: 9 Jan, 2024