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Hom Nguyen solo exhibition “You Man”


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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From “Without landmarks” to the “Trajectory” series, the artist draws inspiration from real life events, carefully excavating the key elements hidden behind these moments and presenting this information through the emotions of the characters.

In his new series entitled “You Man”, Hom Nguyen continues with his introspection and observations of society. Children and adults, from school life to society, in literature, movies and mobile devices, human life seems to be getting better with the development of technology and the improvement of material conditions. However, humans seem to have forgotten the original intention of scientific and technological progress and the reason they are hard at work. They are constrained by technology such as mobile phones and the cycle of making money, totally indulging in them. From the prevailing phenomenon in this society, the artist portrays personally experienced scenes, presents his personal stories to the audience and seeks to guide the audience to ask questions that he has set in advance, inviting everyone to find the answers on their own.

It is through the application of different media, diversity in textured material, that Hom Nguyen is able to transpose the subject of his work and the story behind the portrait. Applying a versatile range of styles within the mastery of his technique in order to arouse the desired outcome: contemplation. Each portrait begins to evoke a dialogue pertaining to the seemingly irrevocable social circumstances that shape today’s humankind.

Hom Nguyen, a worldly figure of recent stature in his home city, Paris, who has become widely known through his earlier works featuring subjects representing his native Vietnamese diaspora. Pairing this honest truth with his famously, confident, friendly and likeable disposition is something that clearly resonates through his creations with a powerful sense of duality. The artist demonstrates an almost unfathomable level of subconscious skill with a combination of action-painterly pouring technique. This additional application of material speaks in volumes to the powerful emotions emanating through Hom Nguyen’s portraits. “You Man” is the artist’s portrayal of humanities challenges that are faced by society today. A2Z Art Gallery welcomes you all to experience the solo exhibition at their Hong Kong Gallery for the inaugural presentation of Hom Nguyen’s new creations.

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