YY9 Gallery is delighted to present ‘City Arising’, a solo exhibition by Vaan Ip. Vaan Ip has established his name in the Hong Kong art scene with his poetic vision of the urban scene. His latest series of sculpture installation are a continuous journey of his exploration between the abstraction and reality describing the dilemma of difficult choices within a city. Experimenting with perforated steel plates, Ip creat... Read more

Spaces Between Men

AFFINITY ART is delighted to present “Spaces Between Men”, the first solo gallery exhibition in Hong Kong by Vietnamese artist Hoang Duong Cam. Hoang Duong Cam is considered one of the boldest conceptual artist in Vietnam. As part of the first batch of artists who graduated from the Hanoi Fine Arts University in 1996 after the Doi-Moi (open reform policy) he addresses sociopolitical, historical and philosophical themes ... Read more

MAO LI ZI - Solo Exhibition

PARKVIEW ART Hong Kong is proud to present máo lì zǐ – Solo Exhibition. The exhibition will feature Chinese artist Mao Lizi’s series of abstract works from 1980 – 2017. Out of all the Chinese abstract painters, artist Mao Lizi can be said as one of the first that truly embodied what it means to create abstract paintings as a Chinese artist. However, he was not always an abstract painter. As one of the founding memb... Read more

Galerie KOO - Sculpting...Kaisou

About Yusuke Takemura Yusuke TAKEMURA (b 1983) was born in Japan. In 2006 Takemura completed his Bachelor degree in glass from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts in Japan. Whilst in Japan under the guidance and training of internationally renowned glass artist Toshio Iezumi, Takemura developed a highly skilled technique of glass surface treatment and cutting. In 2009 Takemura continued his studies in Australia... Read more

Tang Contemporary Art - "Motif and Material" Group Exhibition

During Art Basel Hong Kong 2017, Tang Contemporary Art’s Hong Kong space will present an exhibition of six Chinese contemporary artists: Cai Lei, Shen Liang, Wang Jun, Wang Ningde, Yan Bing, and Zang Kunkun. Entitled “Motif and Material” and curated by noted curator Bao Dong, the show will open on March 20th, presenting the artists’ conscious mastery of the thematic or formal links between their materials, me... Read more


A subtle tone pervades the space. The essence of a past temporality, a flutter of the senses, a trigger of distant memory. Dulcet yet melancholic, ‘Elegy’, Su-Mei Tse’s first solo show in Hong Kong, sets a pensive pace, a rhythm that invites self-reflection as well as a heightened awareness of one’s surroundings. Acting as punctuations throughout the gallery, the works behold an impact that extends beyond their visual ... Read more


The Cat Street Gallery is delighted to present Kate Shaw's second solo exhibition in Hong Kong 'SOLASTALGIA'. Kate Shaw is a Melbourne based artist who creates landscapes that are simultaneously sublime and toxic. Formed out of ‘paint pours’ and collage techniques, her landscapes capture the transcendent beauty of nature; the swirls of acrylic paint, ink, glitters and powders mimic the flow of natural processes. This inte... Read more

"Boundless Voyage" Hanafi's Solo Exhibition

This March, Sin Sin Fine Art will present a Double Exhibition "Boundless Voyage" at Art Central featuring renown cuban artist Carlos Gacia de la Nuez, Indonesian artist Eddi Prabandono while a solo exhibition of Indonesian artist Hanafi at Sin Sin Fine Art. The human impulse to create art is universal. As cultural documents, works of art bring important insights into past and existing cultures, helping us to understand h... Read more