Desiring-Post 97 Hong Kong Ink Art

Lui Shou-kwan, Wucius Wong, Fang Zhaoling, TC Lai Kum Chi-keung, Man Fung-yi, Cheuk Ka-wai Cherie, Ho Kwun-ting, Hui Hoi-kiu, Zhang Xiaoli Co-curated by Daphne King & Eric Leung   Opening reception: 6 July, Thursday, 6-8pm In the presence of the artists   Talk: 8 July, Saturday, 3-5pm Post 97 Hong Kong Ink Art By Tang Hoi-chiu (Adjunct Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptis... Read more

Nec Spe, Nec Metu

Perrotin Hong Kong, with support from Don Gallery, Shanghai, is pleased to present Chinese contemporary artist Zhang Yunyao’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong entitled “Nec Spe, Nec Metu”, showcasing 13 paintings and drawings created in the past three years by the emerging young artist. The title of the exhibition is derived from the baroque painter Caravaggio’s motto in Latin, “Nec Spe, Nec Metu” (“Without Hop... Read more

"Wild & Free" A group exhibition with Hom Nguyen, Gaël Davrinche, Engku Iman, Bao Ho

A2Z Art Gallery are pleased to announce the group exhibition “Wild and Free” introducing 2 new artists, Bao Ho, Engku Iman, also including works by Hom Nguyen and Gaël Davrinche. Wild and Free represents both the action of painting and the essence of the artistic ideology. To be “free” is to have the creative space to allow the creator to work without boundaries and being “wild” can permit the artist to express wi... Read more

We Must Imagine Sisyphus Is Happy

Karin Weber Gallery is excited to present the debut solo exhibition of Hong Kong artist Tom Chung Man. ‘We Must Imagine Sisyphus is Happy’ refers to a never-ending and futile routine in contemporary society. By observing the mechanical, repetitive operation of daily objects, the artist draws an analogy with Sisyphus’s never-ceasing process of pushing the boulder to a conversation about daily absurdity and oppression of l... Read more

Opening Reception of "Twist/Turn - Halley Cheng Solo Exhibition"

Join us for the opening reception of Twist/Turn - Halley Cheng Solo Exhibition. In subtle response to oppositional, fragmented positions, Halley Cheng investigates a city where the players may be caught in self-delusion. A theatre stage which is continually turning, twisting and changing, and where truth is hard to find. Beijing-based novelist Chan Koonchung makes reference to the popular analogy of China as a Rubik’s ... Read more

"First Smash 4" Art Exhibition- Hong Kong New Generation Arts Force

Exhibition Duration: 26 August 2017 – 23 September 2017 Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday I 11am – 6pm Venue: Art Experience Gallery Art Experience Foundation proudly presents the "First Smash 4" Art Exhibition, co-curated by Art Experience Gallery, featuring artworks by five Hong Kong young artists in this summer. Throughout the works shown in “First Smash 4”, each artist speaks a strong and unique dialogue of th... Read more

Hong Hao

Pace Hong Kong is pleased to present artist Hong Hao's solo exhibition, featuring the artist’s latest works, including the Reflection series, Edged series and Everchanging Appearance series. A reception for the artist will open to the public from 6–8 PM on 7 September and the exhibition will be on view through 19 October, 2017.

Tai Xiangzhou & Zhang Yirong: One with the Universe

13 September-21 October 2017 Opening reception: 13 September, Wednesday, 6-8pm In the presence of the artists Exhibition catalogue available Alisan Fine Arts is proud to showcase a joint exhibition of two celebrated young ink artists, Tai Xiangzhou and Zhang Yirong. The show features Tai’s ethereal landscape paintings and Zhang’s larger than life meticulous paintings of flowers and butterflies in painstaking de... Read more

Rhythms - Solo Exhibition of Indonesian Artist Zulkarnaini

Sin Sin Fine Art is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of emerging Indonesian Artist Zulkarnaini “Rhythms” from 21 September – 10 November 2017. He is seeking to create aesthetic narrative with simplicity through a disciplined practice of drawing lines. . Zulkarnaini expresses himself with paint on carpets. Straight lines represent calmness and balance, curves relate to movements; other shapes evoke feeli... Read more

Heart Sutra - A Buddhist teaching by Anam Thubten Rinpoche

Heart Sutra The Heart Sutra is the most profound text in the Buddhist tradition. People have been chanting it in many languages throughout history and many became awakened from contemplating this sutra. It expresses the wisdom of great emptiness that can free us from the mental prison of concepts and let us drink the nectar of joy and peace. Anam Thubten will give a teaching on the Heart Sutra and will invite everyone to chant... Read more