Blindspot Gallery

Chen Wei: The Last Night

Date: 28 September, 2021 | 10:30 am - 6:30 pm
Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present The Last Night, Chen Wei’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Spanning large-scale photographs and multi-media light installations, The Last Night presents scenes encountered in a city. More intimate than landscapes and grander than still lives, the artist situates these settings between fiction and reality, artifacts and fragments. This is an experience that all city dwellers share as a collective, infused with dreamscape, glitches, afterimages, and memory traces. They form a New City that refuses to be abstracted, resolutely holding on to the object and the experience itself. Articulating a nostalgia that hesitates to find a place in the present, The Last Night bids farewell to a sentimental vision of the past and foresees the building of a ne... Read more

Woaw Gallery (Central)

MAXX HEADROOM by Michael Lau

by Michael Lau

Date: 29 September, 2021 | 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
Woaw Gallery is pleased to present MAXX HEADROOM from September 29 to October 23, 2021 at its Central gallery space. A collaboration with renowned Hong Kong-based artist Michael Lau, also known as the “Godfather of Designer Toy”, the solo exhibition will feature a series of original new paintings and sculptures from the artist’s signature Gardener Series, showcasing an important part of the artist’s career over the last three decades. Delving into Maxx, the hero character of Lau’s original 1999 Gardener series, MAXX HEADROOM explores the concept of youth, passion and perseverance. Through a selection of original and new works, the exhibition reflects the artist’s own journey through the character of Maxx as an epitome of the artist himself, a strong headed youth who would gi... Read more

JPS Art Gallery

Saki Chiara - Smile from the Universe

by Saki Chiara

Date: 1 October, 2021 | 12:00 am - 11:59 pm
JPS Gallery is pleased to present Smile from the Universe, a solo exhibition of emerging artist Saki Chiara, on view at the gallery's Hong Kong location in LANDMARK ATRIUM. This exhibition marks the artist's international debut, showcasing a series of new paintings that stem from her signature subject of “universe, beauty, love, light and smile”. In the new series of paintings, Saki continues the exploration of her inner consciousness and carries on her quest to find inspiration from the matters and spiritual beings around her. Coming from a multi-cultural background, Saki finds the commonalities in everyone, regardless of their race, language or religion. Her cheerful works are characterized by an extraordinary use of the pastel colors and original characters, who are the whimsica... Read more

3812 Gallery


by Hsiao Chin

Date: 3 September, 2021 | 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
3812 Gallery warmly welcomes you to Hsiao Chin: From Beijing to Paris in our Hong Kong gallery. This selling exhibition will allow you to dive into the master painter’s otherworldly works, which have been widely exhibited in major museums from the Song Art Museum in Beijing, through the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Latvia to the Musée Guimet in Paris. Hope you will enjoy this amazing and insightful show. Hsiao Chin, from Beijing to Paris starts on 3 September, and runs to 28 September, 2021. Stay tuned for more details on the exhibition. Read more

Whitestone Gallery

Space and Memory - Kwong San Tang, Szelit Cheung, Tap Chan

by Kwong San Tang, Szelit Cheung, Tap Chan

Date: 31 August, 2021 | 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Whitestone Gallery H Queen’s is delighted to present “Space and Memory,” a group exhibition showcasing works by three local emerging artists — Kwong San Tang, Szelit Cheung, and Tap Chan — as part of the HKAGA Summer Programme. The concept of space has been fundamental to shaping our lived experiences and widely explored by artists and writers across time; from Gaston Bachelard’s monumental work that changed our thoughts and memories of domestic spheres; to Michel Foucault’s heterotopias which refer to  ‘places outside of all places’;  to the Light and Space movement’s rigorous investigation of perceptual phenomena  in the 1960s and 1970s. Similarly, these three Hong Kong artists investigate the ways in which spaces are represented, perceived, and imagined in rela... Read more

“Walking Backwards” by Aleah Chapin


Artist(s): Aleah Chapin

Opening / Event Date: 20 Nov, 2021

Closing / End Date: 15 Jan, 2022

Kohei Kyomori: We Can Always Talk Here

Kohei Kyomori: We Can Always Talk Here

Gallery: Whitestone Gallery

Opening / Event Date: 8 Oct, 2021

Closing / End Date: 30 Oct, 2021

HKAGA Fundraising Bookshop at Fine Art Asia

Artboard 5

Gallery: HKAGA Fundraising Bookshop at Fine Art Asia

Opening / Event Date: 7 Oct, 2021

Closing / End Date: 11 Oct, 2021