Code of practice

One of the key objectives of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association is to help further best practices among its members. As such we expect that the Association’s members will conduct themselves with the highest standards of connoisseurship, scholarship and ethical practices and uphold the prestige and credibility conferred by the Association.


Upon becoming members to the Association member’s pledge:

  • that they are professional and responsible gallerists and assume complete responsibility for the authenticity of the works they sell
  • that they are experienced and knowledgeable in the types of art they offer for sale so that purchasers may buy from HKAGA members with confidence and good faith
  • to conduct their business professionally, fairly, with integrity and with the courtesy and respect due to clients, artists, staff, colleagues and the general public


When dealing with clients, members will:

  • accurately describe all artworks and provide, upon selling an artwork, a written invoice and/or certificate of authenticity containing its detailed description
  • reassure the client, through this documentation, that the Member has conducted, to the best of their ability, the necessary due diligence to ensure that the work is the authentic work of the artist and that clear and unencumbered title is passed to the buyer


When dealing with artists, members will:

  • act professionally and respect the agreed terms of representation
  • act responsibly in handling, packing, shipping and storage of the artist’s artworks

In order to support market integrity in Hong Kong, members will:

  • give fair and impartial judgement when providing an opinion relating to competitors or their art work, and deal with their fellow members and other participants in the art market in such honourable manner with which they themselves would like to be dealt
  • never knowingly buy, sell or exhibit stolen works of art, and cooperate, according to local laws, with authorities in their efforts to identify, locate and recover stolen works
  • not participate in transactions which, to the best of their knowledge, can result in money-laundering operations
  • abide by fair practices and truth in advertising